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motia pulao @TheRoyaleIndia

Moti Pulao – A Gem From The Forgotten Road Of Culinary Traditions Of India

Whenever we talk about Indian cuisine, specialities from all corners of our nation come to our mind. One of the delicacies that somehow got lost in today’s world of pasta and burger is the royal dish – Moti Pulao or ...

Team Royale - February 7, 2016
Fish Kofta Curry Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Prepare Fish Kofta Curry With A Handful of Ingredients

Fishes form a staple food of millions in our country. They not just taste great, but are also rich in numerous nutrients. Being one of the finest sources of proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids, fishes are considered to ...

Team Royale - January 31, 2016
3 Low Calorie Energy Bar @TheRoyaleIndia

3-Ingredient Low-Calorie Energy Bar Recipes

With our busy work schedule, it becomes a bit difficult to stick to a healthy diet. I remember the days when I would grab a greasy vada pav, a sinful chocolate brownie or even a cheese-loaded pizza whenever I felt ...

Team Royale - January 13, 2016
Pumpkin Harvest Soup Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Keep Warm During Chilling Winters With The Pumpkin Harvest Soup

Most of us look forward to the winters as a relief from scorching heat, but this season also has its own share of ‘to-do’ things to stay warm and healthy. Soups can be a great choice to not just keep warm, but being ...

Team Royale - January 10, 2016
5 minute mug cakes @TheRoyaleIndia

Making Cakes Gets Easy With Mug Cakes

Do you love cakes but can’t prepare them often because of the amount of hassle and their size? Then, why not try mug cakes. They are super-quick to prepare and the best part is that they are small (just the size of ...

Team Royale - December 12, 2015
Chocolate Kahlua Mousse @TheRoyaleIndia

Prepare The Sinful Chocolate Kahlua Mousse In a Jiffy

I always thought nothing can beat the goodness of a chocolate mousse, this stayed true until I came across Chocolate Kahlua Mousse. I could not believe what a drastic change Kahlua could bring to a chocolate mousse.

Team Royale - December 5, 2015
Shish Taouk – A Lebanese-Canadian Chicken Shawarma recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Gratify your taste buds with delectable ‘Shish Taouk’ – A Lebanese-Canadian Chicken Shawarma

Shish Taouk (or Shish Tawook) is a Lebanese-Canadian style chicken shawarma preparation common in the areas of Montreal and Ottawa. If you have some special guests visiting your place the very next day or even in ...

Team Royale - November 17, 2015
3 Diwali mithai recipes with a healthy twist @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s Time To Tweak The Traditional Diwali Recipes

As a child, Diwali, the festival of lights always used to be a purely mithai-centric festival. A celebration without Laddus, Ghevar, Karanji and Gulab Jamun was near to impossible. Even today, there are mind ...

Team Royale - November 5, 2015
Gazpacho Pasta Salad and Caribbean Shrimp Salad Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

The Way to Good Health Starts with a Bowl of Salad

I am sure you must have loved the Three Healthy Salad Recipes (Baby corn and beans salad, Beans and capsicum salad and bread salad from Italy) in our last article. This time we have come up with two more salad ...

Team Royale - October 30, 2015


The chicken is the most popular and relatively low cost meat consumed across the globe. Almost all parts of the bird can be used for food and can be prepared in many different and interesting ways.

Team Royale - October 14, 2015