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Vegetarian Thali @TheRoyaleIndia

Turn fasting into healthy feasting this festive season

With festivities in the air, we tried to explore all that you could feast on while fasting. A close look at what goes into making these food items show that the basic ingredients of these so-called fasting dishes, ...

Team Royale - October 5, 2013
Vodka Cocktails for the weekend spirits @TheRoyaleIndia

Get high on spirits this weekend

The weather being superb, especially in the evenings, makes me want to enjoy the weekend with a glass of Cosmo with my feet up and with friends.

Team Royale - October 4, 2013
Delhi Food Havens @TheRoyaleIndia

Delhi Food Havens

Delhi – the capital city of our glorious country and also its historical and political hub. Right from the advent of time, Delhi was highly sought after by all.

Team Royale - August 16, 2013
Warm soups for warmer monsoon moments @TheRoyaleIndia

Warm soups for warmer monsoon moments

Here are two of the soup recipes that you can make at home and make this monsoon warmer.

Team Royale - August 13, 2013
Diet with Low Calorie Indian Starters @TheRoyaleIndia

Indulge in Delicious Dieting with Low calorie Indian starters

Everybody tries their best to remain fit these days. From regularly visiting gyms to enrolling in yoga or pilates classes to eating healthy home cooked food is becoming a popular norm.

Team Royale - August 6, 2013
Katrina Kaif Mango Mania Recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

Mango Mania

As a kid, we all used to lick every bit of the mango caked on our fingers, ate every slice kept on the platter, and sipped every drop of the shake filled in the glass.

Team Royale - August 5, 2013

Healthy food for hyperactive toddlers

Team Royale - July 26, 2013
Summer Coolers Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Sip some Coolers and stay cool

When the sun shines brighter and sweat drips from our bodies, doesn’t it feel heavenly when oodles of chilled water run down the throat?

Team Royale - June 28, 2013
Sliced Mango @TheRoyaleIndia

Dive in for some Mango Delights

Mango lovers will know how it feels when they are reminded of the harsh truth that the juicy, orange fruit, which they are currently devouring will soon be 'off season'.

Team Royale - June 19, 2013
Summer fruits for a Healthy Summer @TheRoyaleIndia

Have a fruitful summer

Get the most of these 5 summer fruits! The summer sun zaps a lot out of you, leaving you feeling tired and low on energy.

Team Royale - June 17, 2013