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easter feast @TheRoyaleIndia

Celebrate Easter with delicious traditional recipes

Easter, the day of celebration for the resurrection of Christ is celebrated world over with joy and glee. Generally a long weekend which starts with Good Friday and ends with Easter Sunday is an apt reason to cook ...

Team Royale - April 18, 2014
classic dessert @TheRoyaleIndia

Classic Dessert Recipes

This holiday season let’s try mastering the art of creating "classic desserts” which have been tricking our taste buds for generations in our very own kitchen.

Team Royale - April 11, 2014
recipes for ugadi gudi padwa @TheRoyaleIndia

Celebrate Ugadi & Gudi Padwa with Ugadi Pachadi and Puranpoli

Right from decking up the house and shopping for New Year gifts and cloths etc, bring a full circle to your celebrations by serving family members, Pachadi and puranpoli. Easy to prepare, delicious and healthy too!!

Team Royale - March 29, 2014
bhaang @TheRoyaleIndia

Indian Indigenous Liquors, Local Brews with an International charm

India has a long history of producing and savoring alcoholic drinks and has come a long way or perhaps further from the legendary ‘Somras’, the drink of the Gods to the old Englishman’s Indian summer cooler ‘Whiskey ...

Team Royale - March 23, 2014
Spice of Life for travel souvenirs @TheRoyaleIndia

The Spice of Life

Smell and taste are inextricably bound with memory, so what better sourvenir of your hands than an array of spices.

Team Royale - March 11, 2014
Indian Curries @TheRoyaleIndia

Indian Curries, Indulge in a world of spice and flavors

India has always been known as the ‘Land of Spices and Flavors’ since ancient times and what more can describe the spices and the flavors than the various curries prepared in Indian cuisine.

Team Royale - March 6, 2014
oregano pizza @TheRoyaleIndia

Add a dash of oregano – Opt for the healthier pizza

Fed up of hearing the same old health advice - ‘Stay away from junk food…pizzas, burgers etc!!”? Well, no more, we give you a solid argument to counteract - Add an extra dash of oregano and make your pizza a much ...

Team Royale - February 27, 2014
Stay healthy with these four exotic International salads. @TheRoyaleIndia

Around the world with salads

Stay healthy the way the world does with these four exotic International salads.

Team Royale - January 9, 2014
Wine and Dine @TheRoyaleIndia

The Fine Art of Pairing!

Everyone have their favourite drink, however, the key is to select those that complement a dish and bring out its subtle elements. And here, we provide you with some of the best alcohol-food pairings.

Team Royale - November 20, 2013
Brewing perfect Cup of Tea @TheRoyaleIndia

The ‘Perfect Pairings’

Tea selection is as important as choosing the right wine in the food selection process. Complement these unqiue tea with food and discover this wonderful beverage.

Team Royale - November 5, 2013