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new zealand lamb rack recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

PREPARE Roasted New Zealand Lamb Rack WITH ROSEMARY JUS

Lamb is used as one of the most popular protein sources in New Zealand as well as Australia. Rack of lamb is a prime and one of the most expensive cuts of lamb which is neatly trimmed off fats. It is relatively ...

Team Royale - August 15, 2015
camembert cheese souffle recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Camembert Cheese Soufflé –An Easy to Cook Traditional French Recipe!!!

Camembert, a soft and creamy surface-ripened cheese made from cow’s milk has made its way into our kitchen from Normandy, France where it was first made. The word soufflé, comes from a French word souffler which ...

Team Royale - August 13, 2015
Chocolate Pudding Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Prepare Sinful Warm Chocolate Pudding in a Jiffy

If you are expecting guests at the last moment and can’t decide on dessert, warm chocolate pudding can be your savior. Prepared with just a handful of ingredients, this delicious yet super-quick dessert will ...

Team Royale - August 9, 2015
ambrosia bliss new delhi reviewsambrosia bliss new delhi reviews @TheRoyaleIndia

Ambrosia Bliss : A Food Review

Nestled in the heart of Cannaught Place, Ambrosia Bliss is a known name in Delhi. Turn right from the Haldirams and you will be greeted with a lovely charming lady Shabnam who will receive you graciously and will ...

Team Royale - August 8, 2015
bottoms up delhi review @TheRoyaleIndia

Bottom’s Up : A Gastro Pub in Delhi – Food Review

Are you too a fan of “bottom’s up tradition? Cause I surely am. I have been draining my milk glasses for nearly 20 years now. Bearing in my heart a secret desire to pull the same stint with a pint of Hoegaarden.

Team Royale - July 31, 2015
high tea sandwiches @TheRoyaleIndia

3 Easy To Make High Tea Sandwich Recipes

‘High Tea’ is the term used to describe a meal that is taken in late afternoon or early evening. The meal consists of tea, bread and butter and any cooked dish.

Team Royale - July 25, 2015
easy mushroom risotto recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Mushroom Risotto – A Must Try Authentic Italian Dish

Risotto, as the name suggests, is an Italian dish that involves slow cooking of rice with wine and stock (derived from vegetables, meat or fish) to a creamy consistency. The rice varieties like Arborio, Carnaroli, ...

Team Royale - July 16, 2015
Theme Restaurants in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Awesome Themed Restaurants in Mumbai

For those of you who easily get bored of the same old mundane restaurants which are no different from any other mundane ones around town, here is a list of the most interestingly designed restaurants (and bars) that ...

Team Royale - June 5, 2015
Top Seafood Restaurants In Navi Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

7 Restaurants in Navi Mumbai Where You Should ‘SEA’ FOOD

So now that you’ve thanked us to enlighten you all about the ‘Best Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai’, we now give you the top seafood restaurants in Navi Mumbai. The ‘newer’ side of Mumbai has its charm, and so, as a ...

Team Royale - April 24, 2015
Top 6 Sea Food Restaurants in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Restaurants in Mumbai Where You Should ‘SEA FOOD’

There can be tasty meaty days, and there can be healthy vegetarian days. But nothing beats the mother of nutrition and taste, seafood. Belonging to a Konkani family, I’ve practically grown alongside fishes. And ...

Team Royale - April 17, 2015