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Breast Cancer Awareness @TheRoyaleIndia

Know your breasts. Fight breast cancer.

There are many roles you play in life. You are a caring daughter, a concerned sister, a doting mother, a responsible wife and a good grandmother. But above all you are a woman.

Team Royale - December 26, 2013
India the land of rich temples @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Wealthiest Temples of India

India's temples stand witness to the rich cultural heritage of the country. The temples are not only known for their impressive structures and splendid exteriors & interiors, but also the staggering wealth these ...

Team Royale - December 13, 2013
Enjoy some adventure coupled with luxury stay in Della, Lonavala @TheRoyaleIndia

The hills are alive with adventure!

Lonavala has a gamut of experiences to offer an eager traveller.

Team Royale - August 26, 2013
Unusual Plants @TheRoyaleIndia

How ‘Boring’ are Plants?

Plants are mostly seen as very uninteresting organisms. Sure, they photosynthesize and provide food for millions.

Team Royale - August 21, 2013
Father’s Day Do-It-Yourself Ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

Father’s Day Do It Yourself Ideas

Father’s Day is a special day when you start scrambling your brains for possible gifts. Though fathers never give a lot of importance to these days, they will always appreciate a token of love from their kids.

Team Royale - August 16, 2013
Magical Places That Should Exist @TheRoyaleIndia

Places That Should Exist Part Two

Middle Earth, Narnia, El Dorado... places that don't exist – but should. These are just a few of the fascinating realities that have appealed to generations upon generations.

Team Royale - August 15, 2013
Unusual Pets are invading the pet world @TheRoyaleIndia

The Invasion of the Unusual Pet

Forget cats. Forget dogs. Forget even rodents like guinea pigs and mice. Here comes the exotic, unusual, and sometimes, downright creepy pets.

Team Royale - August 14, 2013
Brilliant Writers that created just 1 Masterpiece @TheRoyaleIndia

Brilliant Writers that created just 1 Masterpiece

A common trend among authors is to write a series of books – as opposed to standalone novels. On the other hand, some other authors write multiple standalone novels.

Team Royale - August 9, 2013

Chocolicious Beauty!

Discover the delicious route to glowing skin with chocolate beauty treatments.

Team Royale - July 29, 2013
Know the Top Expensive Super Cars In the World @TheRoyaleIndia

Know The Super Expensive Cars

Expensive Supercars – these words automatically conjure up an image of a sleek automobile, with lustrous seats, an incredibly powerful engine which can go to unimaginable speeds.

Team Royale - July 16, 2013