15 Movies You Can Relish at Theatres This December

The year is nearing its eventual end, and mercury is rolling downwards, making it doubly hard not to speculate how 2017 molded our individual destinies. The only warmth of anticipation to keep the Winter Blues at ...

Team Royale - November 20, 2017
Mythical Heroes and their sons

Indian Mythological Heroes and Their Sons

One would think that divinities would be perfect in their lives and leave nothing to criticism. But we have ample examples of poor fathers from legends and mythology as well. Some of them are depraved enough to be ...

Team Royale - June 16, 2017
Celebrities and their Fathers

Bringing Up the Dads: Celebrities and their Fathers

MOTHERESE AND LEGALESE are rich in terms for one’s father: pater familias, pater, genitor (genitrix is mother), father, daddy, dad, papa, pop, pappy, old man, and perhaps a lot more. The words have different ...

Team Royale - June 16, 2017
Bahubali Book

Review of The Rise of Sivagami: Why it is a must read book for the Baahubali Movie fans

Nestled against the backdrop of the sacred mountain Gauriparvat, the mythical land of Mahishmathi stands as a powerful and indomitable empire. Deep inside the Gauriparvat resides the secret behind the kingdom’s ...

Team Royale - June 14, 2017
Retired Cricketer Current Profession

Retired Cricketers and Their Current Profession

Our world of fantasy remains occupied to a great extent by the celebrities. The celebrity group mainly comprises of the actors and actresses and the sports personalities especially the cricketers. We always remain ...

Team Royale - June 2, 2017
Movies Releasing in June 2017 @TheRoyaleIndia

7 Movies Releasing in the Month of June, 2017

Summer holiday is here, and what better way than watching some movies at your nearby theatre. While movies are great entertainers, it also sometimes gives you a glimpse of evolving ethos of the society as a whole.

Team Royale - May 30, 2017
The Bahubali Craze

The Baahubali Craze: 10 Unknown Facts

Did you know that not only the nation, even globally there is this humungous craze over the blockbuster Baahubali? No wonder, it’s done over 1000 crores business world-wide over, in fact, so much more than any of ...

Team Royale - May 26, 2017
Sachin: A Billion Dreams @TheRoyaleIndia

Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Talk about Indian cricket, and there is one name that pops up immediately – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Over the past few decades, this man has ruled the cricket world like an undisputed king.

Team Royale - May 26, 2017
Madhuri story

Dancing With The Dhak Dhak Sensation – Madhuri Dixit

From ek do teen to dhak dhak, this amazing actress has captured the imagination of the nation with her incredible beauty and performance. And how! But what was really remarkable was that not only was this amazingly ...

Team Royale - May 25, 2017
Top 13 Podcasts worth Listening to @TheRoyaleIndia

Top 13 Podcasts worth Listening to

Youngsters with earphones plugged into their ears and seemingly lost in their own world appear too oblivious to the happenings of the outside real world.

Team Royale - May 19, 2017