5 Carnivorous Plants For Your Home

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Carnivorous plants sound like a mystery. Just imagine a humble plant in your garden, gorging on a bug or insect that comes its way. Deadly! However, you can grow such plants in your garden or your home. These plants generally flourish at places which are deficient in nutrients. They thrive on insects for their source of nutrition. Though it is not very easy to grow these plants at home, you can definitely try to do so with the right mix of soil, moisture and sunlight. Let’s have a look at these marvels of nature.

Pitcher plants

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image Source : mosongomoukwa.com

Pitcher Plant is a mysterious plant in every possible way. This plant vaguely resembles a pitcher which acts as the deadly pitfall trap. This deep cavity is filled with a liquid. The insects and bugs instantly get attracted to the cavity formed by the pitcher leaves. The nectar at the rim is slippery enough for the insects to fall into the trap. The plant obtains its mineral nutrition from these insects.

Venus Flytrap

venus flytrap @TheRoyaleIndia

image Source : wikimedia.org

Venus Flytrap or Dionaea Muscipula is probably the most famous insect eating plant. This plant has 4-5 leaves which grow from a short stem. It catches it’s pray with a trapping section formed by the terminal portion of each of the plants leaves which gets activated by the tiny hairs on its inner surface. Attracted by the sweet smell of this plant, an insect or spider just crawls into its death trap, with the leaves just snapping shut within fraction of a second. The bug just gets dissolved into a digestible liquid.

“Alice” sundew

alice sundew @TheRoyaleIndia

Drosera aliciae, the Alice sundew, is a carnivorous plant in the family Droseraceae. It is probably the one is the most easiest to grow. More the sun, more red it gets in colour. Its wedge shaped leaves serve as the insect trap attracting its prey with its sweet smell and deep colour. Flowers grow 30 cm away from its leaves so that the pollination process is not impacted. Nature just takes care of everything! Doesn’t it?

Stinking Passion flower

passion stinking flower @TheRoyaleIndia

image source: staticflickr.com

It is a creepy vine which also yields an edible fruit. The name comes from the fact that it emits a strong aroma when damaged. Its leaves are able to trap the insects on its bracts. However, it has still not been confirmed if it really does get its nutrition from its catch.


butterwort @TheRoyaleIndia

image source: fws.gov

Not as sweet as it sounds, Butterworts just lure, trap and digest the insects to grab its share of nutrition. Fatal attraction drives these insects to these plants. Once the insects land on the slimy substance on its leaves, they will never be able to extract themselves. These insects then melt into the same substance thereby giving the plants their nutrition.

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