Bye-Bye Idiot Box. Keep your kids occupied with these cool activities during their Summer Break

March 13, 2014 Keep your kids occupied with these cool activities during their Summer Break @TheRoyaleIndia 933 0 0

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Many parents are at their wits end when it comes to looking for creative ways to keep their kids occupied during their summer break. The little ones get easily bored too and it is important to remember that getting through an entire day without having anything challenging to do will be difficult for them as well. The best way to tackle this situation is to actually keep the little geniuses occupied!

The trick is to engage them in activities that will leave behind the least mess for you to clean up. And the good news is that highly interesting activities don’t really have to be the most expensive. In fact, there is a lot that you can gather in the house itself to convert into temporary fun toys. Our guess is that you’ll have as much fun coordinating and setting up the game as much as your kids will have to play them! A win-win situation for all those involved. Here are our top ideas for eager parents and their tiny tots:

Colour the Crockery

Colour the Crockery @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, you heard right. Having a tough time getting your kids from unleashing their talent on the walls? Why don’t you give them a bunch of colourful marker pens and some crockery instead? Of course, make sure that your kids are big enough to handle the crockery before going ahead with this game. They’ll love painting crockery and trust us when we say that you’ll want to sip out of cups and plates painted by them (on the outside) for years to come. The kids will be nostalgic about seeing their handicraft on crockery items years later as well.

Gather the Waste

Gather the Waste @TheRoyaleIndia

The cardboard cylinders left behind empty toilet paper rolls, crumpled paper plates, ice cream sticks… gather them all and pass them on to your children. Turn it into a competition and see what they come up with. The results will make you proud indeed and you’ll definitely have them engrossed in the game for a few hours, at least.

Word Game

Word Game @TheRoyaleIndia

Want to improve the kids’ vocabulary while they play? Give the kids a bunch of random words and ask them to flesh it out in the form of a story. Turn this into a competition of sorts as well. Give them a theme – funny, suspense, love – and ask them to come up with a story revolving the theme.

Build a Pillow Fort

Build a Pillow Fort @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s super fun and easy to clean up. Empty out your stash of pillows and bed sheets on to the floor and ask the kids to build a fort. This one has all the elements of a good game – planning, co-ordination, execution and even a little architecture – and don’t forget that all you have to do when they call it wraps is throw the pillows back in the cupboard and fold the sheets!

Dress up the Toys

Dress up the Toys @TheRoyaleIndia

Tap the inner fashionista in your children by asking them to dress up their toys. Chances are that they do this already – combing their toys’ hair, plaiting them and even dressing them up, but it’s time to notch it up a bit. Present them with little swatches of cloth and ask them to sew up a new costume altogether and even design a range of accessories to match.

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