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Are you too a fan of “bottom’s up tradition? Cause I surely am. I have been draining my milk glasses for nearly 20 years now. Bearing in my heart a secret desire to pull the same stint with a pint of Hoegaarden. But the origin of the phrase was based on a necessity unlike its status today. To ensure that king’s men do not trick you to the stormy seas, the tradition of clear glasses and bottom’s up was introduced. But since, we have left the war torn days behind ourselves for good; it’s the time to marvel at the phenomenal new joint in front of us today.

bottoms up delhi @TheRoyaleIndia

credits : Bottom’s Up

Bottom’s Up is a gastro-pub located at a strategic location on the club road, Punjabi Bagh. Gastronomy, is an art of cooking, selecting and eating food. They surely excel in it. The crowd here has no age limit. Everyone is welcomed and will find their peace either in the fine dining area on the ground floor or the bar-lounge area on the second floor. The seating in the balcony cuts a very sorry picture.

bottoms up delhi review @TheRoyaleIndia

credits : Bottom’s Up

The ambiance of the place is groovy and peppy. We were there for a pre-friendship day bash. With an aspiring CA, a professional photographer and two lazy pyjama-lovers it is too hard to make weekend plans. And boy! We are glad we made that choice.

bottoms up review @TheRoyaleIndia

credits : Bottom’s Up

No parking hassles, great crowd, innovative food, and courteous servers. (I was served by Mr. Ranjeet Singh. If you happen to visit Bottom’s Up anytime soon, greet him on my behalf.) Chef Gurpreet who is the brand chef has played with various delicacies and cuisines, the result will be in front of you on a wooden tab.

The menu, though not too wide, has amalgamation of Goan, Mediterranean, Turkish, and the best flavours from the great Indian streets. Our food story for the evening was like a fairy foodie tale. Because if I was ever in a story like Hansel and Gretel, and there was a witch with a house so enticing that could lure me to it. THIS is what I wish the witch better have, and I would gladly step into the fire after having my fill. The bold mix of absolutely unanticipated flavours was almost a dare not to like it. Wild Herbed Guava is a sinister little mock tail which takes the usually lesser favoured Guava juice and makes it into arguably the best non-alcoholic drink I have ever had.

The one drink that made me jump out of my comfortable seat was Cool Cucumber. Perfectly curated, it has a banta flavour with freshness of cucumbers and tanginess of jalapenos. For everyone who prefers the savoury over sweet, Being a gastro-pub, it offers such explosive flavours that you literally can’t ask for anything more.

chakna platter @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Photokrew

The chakna platter is a great invention. Served in the typical tea glasses, they are the perfect companion to your alcoholic beverages. The Bunny-Chow is another wonderful food to have while chilling out and having Beer with some friends. Hollowed out loaf of bread filled with a divine Chicken Curry or a Rarhya Meat Curry, it’s a seemingly simple dish but if I had my way, I could eat this every day. Have you ever eaten something so delicious that you wished you could just eat the plate along with it?

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image credits : Photokrew

The Lamb meat Ball in Black Pepper Sauce Salad in Kadak Roomali is what dreams are made of. A sinfully delicious Lamb Meat Ball made Chinese style with Baby corns and assorted vegetables is served in a thin crispy bread bowl and the serving is gracious enough to be enjoyed by the entire table to their fill. Its vegetarian version, Tandoori pineapple kimchi with toasted peanuts was equally good. Although limited but the chef does have some great food in store for their vegetarian customers.

Two must recommended dish is pink pasta and the thin crust pizzas. They have taken the concept of thin crust seriously and topped it with yogurt. A healthier option for your guts and a new flavour for your taste buds. Creamy and crunchy at the same time.

bottoms up delhi food review @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Photokrew

Talking about the last stop of the evening, let us discuss Desserts. The experience was quite literally, sweet. WE ordered for Classic Tiramisu with almond biscotti. While digging in the huge cup of tiramisu, go till the bottom. They have a little surprise for you there. I was happy but not satisfied. Can I be with only one dessert? No. Never. So, the next was, Bitter chocolate Rum and Raisin Mousse. Well it surely satisfied the dessert-eater monster in me. The sauce on the plate was giving it an edge. The dish might not be extra-ordinary but I can have multiple servings without any guilt. Though I will be later found on the treadmill because of the extra-calories Bottom’s Up induced in me.

food review bottoms up @TheRoyaleIndia

As, Mr. Jobs frequently quoted “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”If you will always be hungry you might cross your path with #monshtroush_roshugulla at a hidden food gem. Well, that’s the reason I am always hungry and always…. That’s a private matter, therefore, no comments. :p

Address : 50, NWA, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

Phone : +91 8130595459 , +91 8130595336

Cost for 2 :  Rs: 1800 (approx)


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