Bollywood Teachers That We Wish Were Real

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Childhood days are said to be the most beautiful days of one’s life and during those days, the one’s we hated most were our teachers and principal for the homework and punishments they had to offer us. Surely there were exceptions and these exceptions made our On Teacher’s Day special back then. However, it’s Bollywood teachers who left a bigger mark and always had us all awed! Hence, we have put together a short list of the reel-life teachers which we wish were actually a part of our real-life school days.

Kabir Khan in Chak De India

kabir khan chak de india @TheRoyaleIndia

Shah Rukh Khan from Chak de India, aka Kabir Khan would have been the best teacher in the school. Always inspiring, motivating, teaching and cheering to go ahead and win against the opposite team, he would have become a role model for most of the students. This one teacher would be more than enough to take the school to touch skies.

Ram Shankar Nikumbh in Taare Zameen Par

amir khan taarein zameen par @TheRoyaleIndia

Ram Shankar Nikumbh from Taare Zameen Par alias Amir Khan is another teacher that would turn out to be the favourite of all students in the school. This teacher can convert any boring subject into art, colours and stories that will always interest the students. The fun loving teacher, who prefers teaching students in a manner that the students can understand, is a teacher who has deep compassion for students who face any kind of problems. It’s not only the students who face issues like dyslexia, Nikumbh sir is compassionate and helping towards every student who he feels needs help to go ahead. School would be heaven if it is full of Nikumbh-sirs.

Mohit Sir in Iqbal

mohit sir iqbal @TheRoyaleIndia

A drunkard Mohit sir from Iqbal that is played by Naseeruddin Shah could make a irritating teacher but when you get to know him more closely, you will know to the extent he can go to help his students learn a particular thing. Even if the student is handicapped, dumb or even deaf, the teacher is sure to make you best in whatever you do; that is the kind of training Mohit sir would impart in his students if he was given a chance to be out of real life.

Verma in Stanley ka Dabba

verma stanley ka dabba @TheRoyaleIndia

Having Verma sir from Stanley ka Dabba would be a nightmare for every student. Imagine having your favourite delicacy in lunch box and even before you could taste it, it’s all eaten up by Verma sir aka Amol Gupte. Students will start dreading to go to school if teachers like Verma sir exist in schools. For the smarter kids, it would become a daily challenge to save their lunch box from the teacher but the ones who are always caught will end up starving in school.

Raj Aryan in Mohabbatein

raj aryan mohabbatein @TheRoyaleIndia

If SRK of Mohabbatein aka Raj Aryan was to be one of our teachers, the school days would have been filled with romance days. Keeping aside the real subject, teacher would have taught us- what is love, top five signs that you are in love, how to propose a girl, how to break strict rules of schools that is against love…blah blah and more blah.

The passing rate of the school would have been zero and teenagers eloping would have become routine news from the school. Though its looks very romantic and goody in the movie to see SRK give gyan about love and valentine to students and encouraging them to go against Principal, the reel story is better off in the reel itself.

Life will become a bunch of ‘khatta-meetha’ memories if these reel heroes became real heroes of our school life and trained us to face the life ahead

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