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It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the generation of baby boomers or millennials, if you’re an Indian, there will be an innate Bollywood-ness in you. Right from aping the fashion style of the latest superstar to mouthing cheesy dialogues from cult classics, our lifestyle reflects the filminess in us. Who hasn’t gone all Shotgun Shatrughan Sinha and said, “Khamosh”, when expressing filmy anger?

Listed here are some such quintessential Bollywood dialogues that we connect to and perhaps, smile when we hear:

1. DDLJ- Bade Bade Deshon Mein, Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rahti Hain.

Movie dialogues that teach life lessons DDLJ

Who hasn’t found themselves smiling when Shah Rukh Khan’ Raj Malhotra casually says this dialogue in response to the little problems that Kajol’s Simran and he are facing? Our lives are a series of ups and downs, and this simple yet profound dialogue from one of Bollywood’s most iconic films is what keeps us going. So, next time you break a glass or go through a breakup (not trivialising the issue!) think about what SRK says…

2. Jab We Met– “Jo kuch insaan real mein chahta hai..actual mein..use wahi milta hai!”

Movie dialogues that teach life lessons jab we met

This is one film that gave us a lot of life gyaan… Right from Geet’s zest for life to her belief that you get what you truly want, this Imtiaz Ali film has inspired a complete generation to take chances and follow their heart’ desire. This dialogue, especially, is reminiscent of the Paulo Coelho line in The Alchemist which says that when you want something from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe conspires to get it for you. This is a belief that will get you going in the toughest of times, simply keep the faith.

3. Munnabhai MBBS-Tension Lene ka nahi, dene ka

Movie dialogues that teach life lessons munna Bhai MBBS

For every person who worried a lot, there is a friend who is the exact opposite. This friend is the one who loves to dramatically give the best life advice- the Munnabhai one being one of them. We have many stressors in life; right from our maid not turning up on time to the Syrian crisis, we are worried about everything. While some problems do require our attention, some others are not to be taken so seriously…and this is where we need to remember Munna & Circuit’s wise words.

4. Dil Chahta Hai– “Pyaar soch samajhkar nahi Kiya jaata…bas ho jaata hai

Movie dialogues that teach life lessons dil chahta hai

Akshaye Khanna’s character truly believes this and rightly so… we all know of someone or have been someone who has “fallen” in love rather than calculated our relationship. Love knows no caste or creed, no discriminating barriers… it happens when it happens…and even if you cannot unite with that love, you can relate to Aamir Khan’s dialogue from the same film, “aaj Pooja, kal koi dooja”!

5. DDLJ-Jaa Simran Jaa, jee le apni zindagi.”

DDLJ Movie dialogues that teach life lessons simran jeele zindagi

When your otherwise conservative father allows you to stay out and party until the wee hour of the morning, every time that you drop your best friend at the airport, and every time that you melodramatically hand over the remote to your sibling, this Amrish Puri line from the rom-com of the 90s comes to mind. You may not want to run the length of a virtually unending railway platform, but being told to live the way you want, being “allowed” to live the way you want is a permission that most people still seek from their loved ones.

6. Karan Arjun-Mere Karan Arjun aayenge.”

Movie dialogues that teach life lessons karan arjun

Dramatising it the way Rakhi does in the film is close to impossible, but the feeling is pretty much present. Be it optimistically waiting for your friend at the coffee shop for over an hour or waiting for your favourite TV show character’s comeback (no, we don’t mean Mihir Virani!), this is an oft-used filmy dialogue. The faith that Rakhi’s character shows can be symbolic of our wait for something good to happen in our lives… our Karans and Arjuns.

Any self-respecting Bollywood fan swears by their love for these resonating cult dialogues. Do you?

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