9 Most Heart-Breaking Breakups of Our Bollywood Celebs

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We all look up to our Bollywood stars and while we know what happens on-screen is entirely scripted and made up, but their personal lives also seem to be like those fairy tales until someone burst that bubble of a dream. Over the years, a lot of these Bollywood couples have convinced the world of their perfect marriage (or relationships) but one fine day the news of their breakup is all over the television. It’s heart-breaking, you’ve been rooting for them since the very beginning and the breakup almost makes you lose faith in relationships entirely. But then we all get over it, just like they do.

Here are some of the most shocking breakups from the B-town.

1. Katrina - Ranbir

Katrina ranbir breakup @TheRoyaleIndia

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While we were sitting cross-fingered to see this gorgeous baby doll marry the young and dashing Kapoor, the news of their apparent breakup were all over the news channels. If Bollywood birdies are to be believed, Ranbir’s philandering nature and his non-committing attitude are to be blamed for this separation.

2. Anurag – Kalki

Anurag kalki divorce @TheRoyaleIndia

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Bollywood film-maker Anurag Kashyap got married to the Shanghai actress Kalki Koechlin in the year 2011. Love for arts brought them together and they apparently fell in love while working for Dev D. Although they have not filed a divorce, they are taking time apart to figure things out.

3. Saif- Amrita

Saif amrita divorce @TheRoyaleIndia

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A lot of people who love the Saifeena couple would probably say this was meant to be. But let’s not forget that Saif and Amrita’s story was also no less dramatic.

Saif secretly married Amrita, who was 13 years elder to him, and then dropped the bomb on his parents. The gossip stopped soon after people realised that they were happily married with two adorable kids. Sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it! But that was short lived as they soon went through a divorce. Currently, Saif is happily married to the Kapoor-Girl.

4. John - Bipasha

John bipasha breakup

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The Bengali beauty and the dandy John were media’s power-couple for a really long time. They stayed rock solid for over 10 years until they decided to call it off. From starting off as models to making it big on the Silver screen, the two stood strong with each other. The news about the breakup did break a lot of other hearts too. Currently, John is married to his investment banker wife while Bipasha is all set to take the marital plunge soon with Karan Singh Grover!

5. Hrithik and Susanne

Hrithik suzanne 17 years relation

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This one was probably the most unexpected break up in years. Their marriage was one of the most celebrated ones in the Bollywood industry. Hrithik and Susanne were tied in holy matrimony even before Hrithik made it big in Bollywood. They shocked the world with the news of their split. Not only did they separate from each other, Susanne is believed to take a good share of things with her…

6. Shahid - Kareena

Shahid kareena breakup

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For years, these two Kapoors were the cutest couple around. A lot of people criticized their pair but they weren’t really bothered. They were open about their relationship and made a lot of public appearances. Their breakup just before the release of Jab We Met was initially taken as a publicity stunt, and who knows if they will ever pair-up for a movie. The movie was a sad reminder of what the two could have been. But movies are just movies… today they’re both married (of course with different people).

7. Aamir- Reena

Aamir reena divorce @TheRoyaleIndia

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Aamir and Kiran currently seem to be on the Bollywood’s power couple list. However, before Kiran entered his life as the Asst. Director of the movie ‘Lagaan, Amir was married to Reena. They had said ‘I do’ even before Amir’s first release QSQT (he was hardly 21 years old). After being married for over 16 years and having 2 kids they decided to call it off. Amir is currently married to Kiran Rao.

8. PreityNess

Preity zinta ness wadia breakup

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This powerful IPL Couple were always spotted happy and in-love at the matches and otherwise. But soon enough their relationship turned sour after an apparent rift between the two. If Bollywood insiders are to be believed, Ness wanted Preity to quit movies after marriage. But this dimpled girl was not ready for a condition-based marriage.

9. Farhan - Adhuna

Farhan adhuna 16 years @TheRoyaleIndia

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A shocking addition to this unexpected break-up list is Farhan Akhtar and wife Adhuna. After being married for 15 years, they’ve decided to join the breakup Brigade too. Did you ever think Farhan Akhtar and his celebrity hairstylist wife Adhuna would separate that too after 15 years of togetherness with two kids? The two are said to seek separation as ‘a matter of growing apart’, no other reason has yet come into the picture.

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