Know All About Athleisure Wear: The Latest Fashion Trend

[Image Credits –] Fashion trend – ‘Athleisure’ or active wear is making a style buzz off late. Once, a passing fad is now a major fashion trend. Athletic wear was limited to sports, but athleisure is for just about any use. Athleisure basically combines the sturdiness of sportswear and the comfort of a business […]

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15 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2017

Dwelling in a world over-exposed by blazing neon lights and populated by paparazzi, celebrities have to dress up immaculately, putting their best foot forward all the time. From the clothes they pick to the shoes they select, everything falls under rigorous scrutiny, either bringing applaud for their taste or criticism for their faux pas. May […]

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20 Dress-Up Ideas to Rock at Comic Con 2017

Season of the explosively exciting pop culture event Comic Con, eagerly awaited by every ardent and zealous comic fan, has started. May it be the country capital or Aamchi Mumbai, wherever there is Comic Con, fun cannot be far behind. Mumbai Comic Con is going to be held at Mumbai Exhibition Centre in the coming […]

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Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Students: Enhance concentration and Map a Road to Success

Vastu Shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India is a science of directions which aligns architecture with nature creating a congenial ambience which helps students in their studies by enhancing concentration and helping in achieving their goals. Often, it is observed that despite working very hard, some students are not able to perform well in […]

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10 Exciting House Party Themes to Make New Year’s Eve 2018 Unforgettable

New Year’s Eve is the apt time for dusting off the broken resolutions, shoving aside the millions of mini misfortunes and blowing away the unexpected upheavals that peppered your year. No matter how the past year has rolled out for you, don’t miss the opportunity to hail the approaching year with the most spectacular party […]

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Padmavati Jewellery and Haute Couture in our Hearts: Reincarnating the Legendary Rajput Queen on The Silver Screen

After a long wait when ticking time seemed to be tricking us by dragging its feet, we can now see the sensuous and charismatic Deepika Padukone as the Rani Padmavathi, a true padma, the lotus, rising into view to enthral and enchant us. And we seem to be captivated not only in the mirror of […]

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Top 15 Pizzas from Around the World to Pamper your Taste Buds

Pizza is a crest dish and has won not just millions of hearts of kids and adults, but every heart across the world. It is one of three or four things in the world that are universally loved. Pizza is an easily affordable and a perfect way to mark the days of joy and happiness […]

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What Makes these 8 Eye-Liners and Kajals So Popular: Reviews and Customer Opinions

From 10,000 BC till date, the desire to highlight the window to the soul, our eyes, has remained the same. Even the lost eras of Egyptian and Mesopotamian glory bear testimony to the craze for darkening the rims of eyes with a blackened substance. Through the passage of time the dark kohl containing harmful lead […]

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Top 9 Festive Perfect Modern Ethnic Looks to Up Your Style Game This Season

May it be an engagement party or marriage reception or Diwali or Christmas, to look perfect on each occasion we always turn to our traditional attires. The ethnic ensembles not just embody the spirit of Indian women but also subtly accentuate her curves. Hence, saris, anarkalis, and lehengas are deemed suitable for special events till […]

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Weight loss regime – Watch your waistline!

In today’s stressful and hectic work routine, it is pretty challenging to squeeze out some ‘me’ time. But it is extremely important to work out to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind—menssana in corporesana—a healthy mind in a healthy body. And we might add: a body that lives longer. So let us add […]

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