Top 10 Ways to Give Your Old Clothes a Refreshing New Look

[Image Credits – Pinterest] Trends keep changing with seasons, but the purse hardly fills up in concert. However, the clichéd question of “What to wear” keeps puzzling you daily. In an age ruled by frequent clicks and posts, repeating the same old clothes can seem like a tragedy. No matter how many stacks of clothes […]

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10 Netflix Shows that Netizens Can’t Wait to Watch in 2018

[Image Credits –] What makes the long wait at the doctor’s chamber bearable? What makes you wish the traffic moved slower towards while riding on a cab back home from work? Netflix shows must be the reason behind your patience. Whenever boredom hits you hard this online entertainment company readily serves watch-worthy content to […]

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5 Incidents Around the Globe that Tickled the Funny Bone in 2017

The fact that the human race, in its entirety, will do anything for a laugh is beyond dispute. We have been blessed with humourists and comedians of the highest calibre, right from Mark Twain to Richard Pryor, to more recent proponents of the art such as Russell Peters and Trevor Noah. Comedy has come a […]

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5 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach without Hassle, Frustration and Heavy Expenses

What are dreams made of—but a washboard tummy? With a sedentary smartphone-savvy lifestyle and nine-to-five desk job keeping the waistline under control is more than difficult. You have tried hard to match amateur crunches with sweet and savoury mouthful munches. Somehow belly fat has successfully deflated your efforts each time. Experimental diet to a costly […]

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30 Most Anticipated Movies That Will Keep You Company Throughout 2018

Though banally generalized and trivialised as ‘Entertainment’, movies are much more than the confining term they have been tagged with. A continuously evolving art form, movies have been breathing life into our daily life and adding meaning to our mundane existence for ages. While depicting larger-than-life sequences, movies have touched the innate sensitivities of our […]

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Two Easy Ways of Scheduling Emails on Gmail Conveniently

Shouldering the tiresome duty of sending several emails a day is the mandate of many professions. Moreover, some emails are required to be sent at specific times due to differing time zones and increasing the probability of its being read. But, it is quite impossible for you to sit in front of the computer all […]

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10 Things of Regular Use That are Practically Useless

Can you vouch that all the inanimate objects you own are equally useful and return your hard earned Indian rupee conscientiously? Matter of the fact is that in this age of advertisements it is hard to discern between products worthy and worthless. The hype, buzz and gloss of commercials get us into the habit of […]

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The Secret Curse of Fitness Apps: They Can Make You Fatter

  Most of us are guilty of breaking the New Year’s fitness resolution umpteenth times and obtaining self-sanctioned PhD in cheating on healthy diet plans. Under such dire circumstances, it is natural for you to seek a strong guiding hand to nudge you in the direction of weight loss. And, what can be more reliable […]

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10 Super Hacks for Travelling with Your Kids sans the Fuss and Worry

They might be small in size yet hold a space tantamount to an entire universe within your heart. Needless to say that it is the comfort and happiness of these tiny titans that matter most to you during travels. Once out of the home you have little control over how things roll, kids being the […]

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15 Most Stylish Sports Icons with Captivating Penchant for Fashion

If “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”, as Bill Cunningham has put it, no one does everyday fashion better outside the filmy clan than the sports icons. Right after the Hollywood and Bollywood mighty, it is the sports personalities that we look up to for a cue or two on […]

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