Health Watch: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Eat When You Are Stressed

[Image Credits] Urban lifestyle makes stress play an imperative role in our lives. Few things can swing your mood the right way than what features on your daily meal. Of course, food is vital for our well-being. Yet, it is our gastronomical choices that often lead to the direct health problems we face. Food […]

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7 Fashion Trends that are Making a Comeback

The world of fashion is constantly evolving and trends keep changing every season. It can be termed as a cycle in which every trend comes back at some or the other point of life in some season. The style trends are applicable to clothing, accessories, footwear, jewellery, beauty, and makeup, etc. It is crucial for […]

February 28, 2018 51 0 0

Amazing Facts: 8 Popular Indian Desserts That are not Indian

An Indian meal is never complete without a sweet dish or dessert. It is also a tradition to serve sweets at the beginning of every meal. It is strongly believed that this practice aids in digestion. The meal is also ended with a dessert to signify auspicious moments in your life. Some of the delectable […]

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Incredible Stories behind the Creation of 10 Most Famous Fashion Brand Logos

A business becomes a brand with the help of its logo. May it be the world renowned cosmetic brand you use or your beloved aerated drink you can recognize their logo anywhere. When you see the logo, you know what the product can be like. Logos can evoke a number of emotions ranging from reverence […]

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Places You Might Travel this 2018, According to Your Zodiac sign

[Image Credits –] It is crucial to take a break amidst our hectic lifestyle. Planning a vacation and travelling to an exotic place can boost your energy levels to a great extent. This can have positive and relaxing effects on your mind and body. If you are confused to select a destination, we will […]

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Valentine’s Day: A crazy little day for love and to make memories

[Image credits –] You know they say love makes people do crazy things and isn’t it great that we have a day to live that craziness? Look, I’m a hopeless romantic, and I think it’s wonderful that Valentine’s Day allows people to express their love for each other. Of course, you can do that […]

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So You Think We are Progressed!? But Periods is Still Dirty!-The Saga of Black Polythene

I told the shopkeeper, “Bhaiyya, no need to wrap it”. He replied, “Do you have a bag?” I gestured a ‘No’. He obviously wanted to put the ‘thing’ in my bag. Even without a glance in my direction or sparing a thought, he wrapped it in a newspaper and then put it in the black […]

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The Best of 10 Most Inspirational TED Talks

[Image credits – PaySimple] Most people are the products of their times, beginning with their childhood. Some look for steady jobs, while others are downed by the slings and arrows of fate. But many challenge the fate they were flung into and fight their way to greatness. The interaction with this latter group is inspiring […]

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Professional mourners, Corpse photographer and 6 other Professions that you can Find Only in India

India as a country has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past years. From being degraded as backward and medieval, to being recognized as the fastest growing economy in the world, the world’s perception of India has changed a great deal, so has the quality of life and the mindset of the Indian public. […]

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5 Low Fat Celebrity Approved Snacks to Stay Slim without Starving

[Image Credits –] In love with French fries dipped in tomato ketchup? Cannot live without having momos every other day? Or, is it cupcakes with exotic names and garnishing that take your breath away? The heart goes weak on the knees when it comes to snacking. With food ordering apps loaded in your smartphone […]

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