BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 Update Released

February 3, 2014 BlackBerry rolls out a new OS update @TheRoyaleIndia 573 0 0

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You can now unlock your phone using a simple combination of an image and a single digit number, which you need to place at a specific point on the image. While you try to unlock the phone, a grid of number appears along with the image. All you need to do is just drag the grid in a way that it overlays the specific point on the image.

It is now possible to create email and SMS groups. Moreover, the update also lets you customize all that’s on the Settings menu to give you easy access to brightness control, network connections and various other features.

The new device monitor lets you keep a tab on the battery usage, CPU stats and the memory status. Using the offline browser reading mode, you can now save web pages, in case you wish to view them later.

That’s just a part of what the brand new update has in store for you. So, simply upgrade to get the most out of it.

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