Bitstrips App goes viral!

November 25, 2013 Bitsrips App @theroyaleindia 660 0 0

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Facebook user on that eternal quest to sum up all their emotions in a single picture, rejoice! No longer do you have to hunt around to find the perfect emoticon, or the perfect quote to convey your feelings. Instead, you can choose from one of the thousand of emoticons that are now at your disposal. If you have logged into Facebook recently, you may have noticed a large number of cartoon strips cluttering up your newsfeed. These colourful 2D images are called Bitstrips and they have recently gone viral, dominating social networking websites the world over.

Bitstrips, available and hugely popular in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, is a free mobile app with more than ten million monthly users. The website boasts that you can “put your friends in hilarious comics, which is a fun and visual way to communicate with friends”. It’s a chance to create avatars of yourself and your friends, and to place them in comics that may or may not show what’s really going on in your life. Basically, it is an app that turns you and your friends into a cast of cartoon characters.

Admit it, you’re curious. Visit their website to find out more!

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