This Mahashivratri Go the Bhang Way With These Three Recipes

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Bhang, being a favourite with Lord Shiva, is consumed on a large scale throughout the country on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri. It is strongly believed that cannabis (bhang) can cure a number of ailments and relieve all types of pain. So, devotees from across the country consume bhang in different forms like lassi and thandai (Read this article for more thandai recipes)

So, try your hands at preparing delicacies from the intoxicating bhang – Lord Shiva’s favourite drink.

1. Bhang Besan Halwa

You must be going mad at the sight of besan halwa, but have you ever thought of besan halwa with the base of bhang (cannabis)? Well, do try this recipe at home on the eve of Mahashivratri.


Bhang besan halwa ingredients @TheRoyaleIndia

Ghee: 1 Cup

Bhang leafs: ½ Cup

Besan (Chickpea flour): 1 Cup

Cardamom seeds: ½ tsp.

Seed Nuts: ¼ Cup (Cantaloupe and Watermelon seed)

Water: 1 Cup

Sugar: 1 Cup

Milk: 1½ Cup


Bhang Extraction

Heat half the ghee in a pan and add bhang leaves to it

Cook on medium heat until the ghee turns green from the bhang extract

Switch off the flame and let it stay for 5 more minutes

Making Halwa

Mix water, sugar and milk and bring to boil, keep it aside

In a separate thick bottomed pan mix besan, ghee and bhang extract

On a low flame, roast the flour till fragrant (light brown)

Now add the milk and sugar syrup prepared earlier

Keep stirring for a couple of minutes (till the flour soaks in all the fluid and ghee starts separating)

Now add the nuts and mix well

Turn off the flame

Bhang besan halwa @TheRoyaleIndia


Sprinkle little nuts and serve hot

2. Bhang Masala Chai

This chai recipe is pretty similar to the traditional Indian Spice Tea, except that the regular tea leaves are replaced with bhang leaves.


Bhang masala tea ingredients @TheRoyaleIndia

Powdered Bhang Leaves: ¼ cup

Water: 2 Cups

Sugar: To taste

Milk: 4 Cups

Cinnamon stick: 1-inch

Cloves: 6

Green Cardamom: 6

Black peppercorns: 6

Ginger (Minced): 1 tsp.

Ghee: 1 tsp.

Half n half cream


Take a boiling pot and add all the ingredients (except half and half cream)

Let it simmer on a low flame for about half an hour and let it cool a bit

Strain this tea mixture and put in a jar

To serve, add 1/4th cup half and half to 3/4th cup of the strained tea mixture

When kept refrigerated, this mixture stays fresh for almost a week

Cannabis tea @TheRoyaleIndia


PS: You can always substitute sugar with honey to cut down on calories.

3. Bhang Ki Chutney

Give your regular coriander and mint chutney a break with this tangy bhang ki chutney.


Bhang ki chutney ingredients @TheRoyaleIndia

Bhang seeds: ¼ cup

Serrano Pepper: 2

Lime Juice: 3 tsp.

Peppermint Leaves: 10

Salt: To taste

Water: 3 tsp.


Dry roast the bhang seeds on a low-medium flame for about 3 minutes

Switch off the flame and let it cool

Grind it into a fine powder

Add other ingredients and blend again for a minute to a smooth paste

Bhang chutney @TheRoyaleIndia


Serve this chutney with bhang ke pakore or paneer pakore.

There is more to bhang recipes than thandai, try-on these recipes today!

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