Beyond Soccer, Samba and Rio de Janeiro

June 12, 2014 Beyond Soccer, Samba and Rio de Janeiro @TheRoyaleIndia 1068 0 0

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When you think of Brazil, clichéd images of football crazy fans, sex, bikini-clad women and lusty beaches come to mind. Come July 2014, and the Mecca would be ablaze with football fever. Travellers and football lovers, from all over the world are fretting it out to get that one berth at a stadium. And hopefully, you too are on your way over to the Samba land.

While we all know that Brazil, the most visited country in South America, carries a certain aura around it, the Portuguese speaking country is more than just Soccer, Sand, Sex and Sin. So how about experiencing a summer getaway, beyond all the “football events”:

1. Jangadas Regata

boat @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are of the adventurous type, then head for a ride to Jangada, a fisherman’s boat, along the Cove of Fortaleza. Experience the annual sailing festivities of Regata da Jangadas in July, firsthand.

2. Climb and sleep on a tree top

trekking @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes! You heard it right. There are various agencies and companies that offer expeditions to explore a jungle, taking adventure lovers 50 miles down the all powerful Negro River in the Amazon jungle of Brazil. Visitors receive through instructions in tree-climbing techniques. Once high on a tree, there will be a canvas hammock, waiting for you to rest. Observe the jungles and savour a tropical fruit from a tree top.

3. Go Kayaking

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Brazil is a country of rich landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, offering one of the most extraordinarily exciting opportunities to familiarize with the largest tropical wetlands in the world-Pantanal. Pantanal is located in the far east of Brazil, near Paraguay and Bolivia borders. Localities would recommend you to go Kayaking.

4. Capoeira show

capoeira @TheRoyaleIndia

Once you are done sweating it in the Football stadium, head to a Capoeira Dance show- a dynamic and versatile martial art. Considered as ‘intangible cultural heritage of Brazil, Capoeria is an art form that combines the aesthetics of music, dance and acrobatics. Watching a Capoeria show, you might just learn one or two self-defence techniques.

5. Walk through the state capital

sau paulo @TheRoyaleIndia

Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil and is an architectural wonder. Incidentally, it is also home to the world’s second largest stadium- Estadio Nacional. One of the main hosts of 2014 FIFA World Cup, the city has acclaimed for its modernist architecture. Since public transit is a bit tricky, it is recommended to take a city tour on foot and soak in the architectural spectacle, consisting Palacio Do Itamarty (Palace of the arches), Santurio Dom Bosco, that dot the city postcards.

So, what are you thinking? Get out of that stadium and make the most of the tropical trees, lush forests, adventurous sports and picture-perfect city postcards.

Make the most of your Brazilian voyage!

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