Best Toys for Infants to Accelerate Their Development

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Baby is a blessing and this tiny bundle of joy can bring enormous delight into one’s life. Babies show rapid growth, both physically and intellectually, during the first year of their life. Each month is a milestone for both the baby and the parents. These milestones are categorised into:

  • Physical development

  • Sensory and Motor Development

  • Cognitive development

  • Social or emotional development

  • Language Development

It is crucial to introduce the learning toys as early as possible to boost complete infant development. Developmental activities, toys, books etc. are a great way to stimulate the baby’s brain to enhance overall learning. To help you out with parenting, numerous companies dealing with baby products offer discounts that you can avail such as FirstCry offers, etc. Here are some of the best toys to introduce during the glorious first year of your baby’s growth.

Sensory and motor development toys for Infants below 6 months:

A newborn’s vision is limited and they are more driven to colourful and bright objects. The baby learns to recognize you. They get familiar with language, sounds and learn to make eye contact to smile at you. Some of the best toys for sensory and motor development are:

  • Rattles – Rattles help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is a perfect interactive toy to introduce colours, shapes and animals. They learn to grasp and hold the toy, taste the toy and also learn to make different sounds or melodies.

Developmental Toys Rattles @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Teething toys – Teething toys help in soothing tender gums and the best option to work their tiny hands and emerging teeth. Babies enjoy holding these teethers and never get tired of exploring this toy.

  • Sensory toys –Sensory toys are fascinating and look appealing for the babies. These toys expose babies to different sounds, colours and textures.

  • Baby Mirrors – Mirrors are an amazing way to entertain your baby. Calling out your baby’s name while pointing at the mirror will help the baby know whose reflection it is.

Developmental Toys Musical Toys @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Musical toys – Musical toys help the baby relax while listening to the soothing melody. They also aid in the baby’s aural development.

Developmental Toys Play Gyms @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Play Gyms – Play gyms or play mats are soft mats with two arches with dangling toys, lights, music, pianos and tummy pillows. This play mats help the baby develop the muscles in his or her arms, tummy, legs, back, neck etc., improving grasping and reaching skills.

  • Books – Start reading to your little one as early as possible. Singing out a rhyme louder and with actions helps the baby develop language skills and also understand body language.

  • More interaction between the parent and the baby helps emotional bonding and better intellectual development of the child.

Interactive play toys for babies between 6-12 months

Babies are much more mobile in the second half of the year. They become more active and start becoming independent gradually. They love hurling toys, picking it up and repeating it again. Hand and eye co-ordination improves and clapping hands, peek-a-boo, pat a cake becomes some of their favourite games. It is a treat for the eyes to see them crawl, stand and walk. Every milestone becomes precious and memorable. To make these milestones even more remarkable, you can checkout baby stores online and avail Babyoye coupons and much more to give you baby the best!

Toys for this age group should add more fun and also aid in the developmental skills.

Developmental Toys Shape Sorter @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Shape sorters and nesting toys – Babies at 6 to 12 months understand different shapes and colours. Sorting games and nesting toys help them learn sorting and matching, it also assists in motor skill development.

Developmental Toys Stacking Toys @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Stacking toys – Stacking toys like building blocks are the best choice of toys for a growing infant.

A lot of practice is needed to learn the stacking skill but till then they will enjoy hurling the blocks and scattering them all over the floor. It takes time but it is for sure to develop your baby’s motor skills and also hand-eye coordination.

Developmental Toys Stuffed Toy @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Stuffed or soft toys – All babies love cute adorable soft toys. A cuddly soft elephant or a teddy or a doll are some the toys which the babies love to snuggle with and cuddle while sleeping. Over time they start showing emotional bonding to their favourite soft toy.

Developmental Toys Rolling Toys @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Rolling and moving toys – Once a baby starts crawling, chasing a rolling ball or a wheel becomes their most favourite game. They enjoy pushing and chasing the toy all by themselves. Yeah!!! Your baby is learning to be independent.

  • Activity centres or pull/push toys – Such activity centres have colourful, shiny, danglers in different shapes and sizes. This helps the baby create movement and it also keeps them entertained.

  • Water toys for a fun bath – Babies love playing in the water. Floating water toys adds in so much fun during the bath time. Filling in the cup and pouring out the water is something all infants enjoy. This helps them know how liquids behave.

  • Rockers – Bouncers or rockers help babies sleep peacefully and they also learn to fiddle with the buttons to turn on their favourite music.

Developmental Toys Interactive Books @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Books – Introducing Board books and interactive story books with colourful images and figures help the kid to develop an inclination towards learning and reading. Reading a book to your little one will help in developing his/her language skills.

Some of the tips to ensure safe play are:

  • Regularly sterilising teething toys

  • Invest in safe, nontoxic and durable toys

  • Invest in toys with British Standard BS EN71

  • Adult supervision when the baby is playing

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