Top ten moments from the 88th Annual Academy Awards

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Didn’t tune into the 88th Academy Awards?

Well, we have listed the best, worst and the WTF moments from the glamorous event.

1. Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue


The Academy received a lot of flak after the nominations were announced for their lack of diversity. Some important performances like Idri Elba in Beasts of No Nation and Micheal B Jordan in Creed were overlooked and this resulted in a predominantly all-white nominations. Many African American celebrities decided to boycott the awards and host Chris Rock also considered quitting as host to support the boycott. But ultimately he decided to add a dash of his superlative comedic talent to the proceedings and revamped his opening monologue keeping the controversy in mind. What resulted was probably the best opening monologue for the awards in years.

2. Priyanka Chopra Dazzles as Presenter

Priyanka white dress oscar @TheRoyaleIndia


A lot Indians tuned in at 5:30 am to watch the Oscars just to see our very own superstar Priyanka Chopra present an award at the most prestigious cinematic platform in the world. Dressed in a dazzling white gown, the Indian actor looked ravishing as she presented the Award for Best Editing to Mad Max: Fury Road along with Liev Schreiber.

3. Mad Max Sweeps with 6 awards


It was disheartening to see George Miller robbed of the Best Director Oscar which was awarded to Alejandro Innaritu, but what almost made up for it was the mini-sweep by Mad Max: Fury Road which took home six Oscars, the most by any film this season. It deservedly won Best Editing, Best Costume, makeup and Sound Design.

4. Spotlight Wins the best picture

Spotlight best picture oscar @TheRoyaleIndia


The Revenant was expected to win the Best Picture Award but many were pleasantly surprised when Spotlight took it away. “Spotlight” is almost universally loved and it was great to see it edge out The Revenant.

5. Leo wins best actor


After 23 long years and a couple of deserving performances, Leonardo Dicaprio finally took home his golden statuette for Best Actor. The actor thanked his director and also thanked Martin Scorcese for believing in him. Leo also spoke a few words on Global Warming and mentioned that the Revenant was the result of absolute hard work and that he wasn’t taking his award for granted. People expressed their elation on social media platforms when his name was announced.

6. R2DT and C3PO On stage


The popular robots from the Stars Wars movies made an appearance on stage and got the audience nostalgic. Most notable was Room actor Jacob Trembley, who jumped excitedly at their sight.

7. In Memoriam sequence

Godfather abe vigoda oscar in memorium @TheRoyaleIndia


This year’s In Memoriam sequence, a sequence to remember those talents who have left us, was heart-rending. The list included the likes of David Bowie, Abe Vigoda and Leonard Nimoy.

8. Child Actor Tremblay on the red carpet

Youngest oscar winner jacob tremblay @TheRoyaleIndia


Room actor Jacob Tremblay was a hoot at the Oscars. With loads of charm, the cute actor made heads turn with his antics. At one point on the red carpet, he expressed his love for Star Wars with his movie-themed socks.

9. Mark Rylance Edges out Sylvester Stallone


A bittersweet moment, but a moment to cherish nevertheless. Veteran actor Mark Rylance edged out Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone to take home the Best Supporting Actor trophy. The situation was highly reminiscent of the original Rocky movie, where Stallone won hearts with his spirited boxing but ultimately lost to Creed.

10. Amy wins

Amy wins best documentary oscar @TheRoyaleIndia


Amy, a heart-warming documentary directed by Asif Kapadia, took home the Best Documentary trophy.

Watching Chris Rock’s witty side and Leonardo win the Oscar were undoubtedly the most unforgettable moments of the evening.

Amy, a heartwarming documentary directed by Asif Kapadia, took home the Best Documentary

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