Top 5 Navratri Dance Venues You Should Visit in Mumbai

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In a country like India, we are never running out of festivals to celebrate. While we just bid adeu to our favorite ‘Ganpati Bappa’ we can’t wait to start celebrating again! YES! It is that season, when we are all grateful for Gujarati culture and dandiyas!

Navratri is a 9 day (or night actually) long festival, it is like a huge party that goes on for 9 days! You have color codes for each of these days and wearing a ghagra choli doesn’t make you look over dressed! Each of the 9 days is dedicated to worshiping different forms of the Goddess and each of them has their own significance!

If you have a bunch of Gujrati friends then you’re already sorted about where to go and when, however, for all those who are new to this, here is a list of some places you can be!

1) Kora kendra navrati mahaustav, Borivali!

kora kendra borivali navratri @TheRoyaleIndia


Borivali is the hub for Gujratis in the city and where else do you expect to find the best Garba Mahotsav! Korakendra grounds in Borivali hosts one of the biggest Garba and Dandiya festivals every year! The place is always lively and has its energy flying over the roof on all of the 9 days! If you want to experience the best, this is the place to be!

2) Goregaon sports club!

goregaon sports club dandiya @TheRoyaleIndia


If I say dandiya and it doesn’t remind you of Falguni Pathak then you’ve probably not been exposed to the ‘dandiya’ culture yet! Falguni, who is rightly called the queen of Dandiya has been performing at the Rangleela Raas organized at the Goregaon sports club and it is an absolute delight to have her sing while you dance. This is one opportunity you do not want to miss!

3) Preity and Pinky

preity pinky singers navratri @TheRoyaleIndia


Second to the queen of Dandiya are these two sisters! If you like a perfect blend of traditional and modern, you’re going to love them! They first performed at the age of 7 and 5 in Ahmedabad and have been rocking it ever since! This year they are also performing at the Adlabs Imagica on Saturday, 10th October.

pinky preity navratri @TheRoyaleIndia


Their music is catchy and you know only they can do it when there is a perfect fusion of folk and indie pop music!

4) Wadhwa Raas Ghatkopar!

wadhwa raas ghatkopar dandiya @TheRoyaleIndia


On the hockey grounds in Ghatkopar, the Wadhwa Raas is organized. For all those living at the other end of the city, who find Borivali and Malad to be really far away, the Wadhwa Raas is a savior! The music is great and there’s nowhere else you’ll want to go on a Navratri night!

5) Tulip star, Juhu!

hotel tulip star navratri @TheRoyaleIndia


Tulip star at Juhu is where the famous singer Bhumi Trivedi performs and a lot of Navratri parties are held there! If you’re lucky you might actually spot a celebrity and get a chance to shake a leg with them!

So, go dig into your wardrobe and make sure you have an outfit for every night, in case you don’t then it’s probably time to go shopping! Also, look your best with these 9 Beauty Tips. Go, charm everyone around!

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