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The world is moving fast, really fast! Unlike the previous generation, the average youth today does not wait until the age of 40 or 50 to build a house, buy a car, or go on a fancy vacation. With the rise of liberal and scientific education, today’s youth has begun to believe in reasons, discarding age-old beliefs and sayings. But the interesting aspect of an amalgamation of what they received from the previous generations and the scientific reasons behind them all, makes for a healthy and fascinating lifestyle.

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Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu system of architecture, is the ‘science of architecture’ and is known for ages to help bring peace and prosperity in our nests. The master bedroom is considered as one of the most important places in a house as it is the place where you dream and work hard towards achieving it! A bedroom set-up along the lines of Vastu tips can help bring prosperity and success in your life:

What significance does the master bedroom hold as per Vastu Shastra?

In the context of master bedroom, its Vastu application demands significance because if the master is happy, then all the other family members are happy too. In short, the peace and harmony of the house is entirely dependent on the master and so it is important that the master bedroom is designed accordingly. Be it the placement of doors and windows, the positioning of the bed, the colours to be applied on the walls, the direction of the room, the position of the placed upholstery or the electronic gadgets, each and everything assumes importance in Vastu to bring out positivity in the house.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you design your master bedroom as per the Vastu guidelines and see how it brings peace and harmony in your life:

1. Location Matters

Vastu tips bedroom location @TheRoyaleIndia


As the name suggests, the master bedroom is the core of the house, a place that one dwells in after a hard day at work. For the master bedroom to radiate maximum positive energy, it should be located in the southwest part of the house, as the southwest represents the element earth. The most favoured positions of the master bedroom are southwest, south and west directions. And the construction of the room should be either rectangular or square shaped.

Any master bedroom should not be built in the northeast corner. The bedroom of the master or the main earner of the house should not be built in the north or east direction also. Master bedroom in the northeast affects the health and finance of the elders of the house. And also some suggest that if the main bread earner has his bedroom in the southeast then he may suffer from anxiety, disturbed sleep and restlessness. And bedroom in the northwest indicates instability. So usually daughters are allotted this room.

2. Sleeping Position

Sleep head towards south @TheRoyaleIndia


After a long day at work, the night’s sleep is what rejuvenates one for a better tomorrow. For a good and healthy night’s sleep, the bed should be placed in such a manner that the head points towards the south while one sleeps. So this gives sound sleep in addition to improvement in health and reduction in stress.

The most unsuitable position while sleeping is facing the head towards north. This affects the sleep, disturbs the health and induces bad dreams. If the head is facing east, it is still favourable, but try to avoid the west direction.  Also take adequate care that there should be no beam overhead when you sleep on the bed. If the bed cannot be placed in the favourable direction then the next best step would be to ensure that it is placed atleast around 4-5 inches away from the walls. Also ensure that the southwest corner of the bedroom is never left free and remains occupied.

3. Mirrors

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Mirrors are the most powerful tool to correct any vastu defects in the house. Mirrors, if placed in appropriate directions attracts lots of fortunes and happiness. Never place mirrors opposite to one another. This increases restlessness and decreases patience.

The mirror in the bedroom not only reflects one’s own image, but one’s moods and personality too. To avoid the day’s stress to continue to haunt one during the night, the mirror should not be placed right in front of the bed. If the mirror is placed right in front of the bed one sleeps on, the stress that piles up during the day will continue to be held back by it, during the night. If huge mirrors on dressing table are placed by the side of bed it is okay but not in front of the bed. But make sure that when sleeping you don’t get to see the reflection of any of your body part in the mirror. So the best spot to place the mirrors and the dressing table is the east and north walls and ensure that it is not facing the bed.

4. Bring Positivity

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When you start on interior designing of the bedroom, keep in mind that in addition to looking good aesthetically, your bedroom should radiate positive inviting vibes.

When one enters the bedroom, the first thing one witnesses should be an entity that gives one peace and solace. This can be achieved by placing a good picture, a poster with an inspiring quotation, or flowers, in such a manner that one gets a glimpse of it as soon as one enters the room. Do not put up posters or paintings which depict sorrow and anxiety. Also fish aquariums or any other form of living life is not advisable to be exhibited in the bedroom. When we say any other form of living life, it also includes plants here. So it is best that you avoid having indoor plants in your bedroom.

5. Make It A ‘No Gadget Zone’

No electronic gadget bedroom @TheRoyaleIndia


A good amount of rest for the body and the mind is essential for a healthy living. For a sound sleep, no electronic gadgets should be placed in or around the bed since the electromagnetic waves are capable of disturbing the sleep. Even if you need a place for your computer, make a partition in the north or east of the bedroom where the electronic gadgets can be kept. And moreover, the main Vastu tip is to keep your bedroom clutter free.

6. Bedroom’s Door

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The door of the bedroom is representative of the opportunities that come into one’s life. For maximum and positive opportunities to enter one’s life, the door of the master bedroom should open at least ninety degrees. The foremost and important point is that the bed is never to be placed directly in front of the bedroom door. See to it that your bedroom door is constructed of only one shutter and that it should open without the creaking noise.

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The entrance door to the bedroom should be on the north, west or east walls. The main entrance door is best when placed at the northeast corner. If the bedroom doors are placed in the southwest chances are that you will fall ill or your finances will become scarce and your peace will be disturbed.

7. Paint It In Soft Colours

Bedroom soft light colours @TheRoyaleIndia


The bedroom is a place that has the capacity of soothing the soul of the dweller. Colours have a capacity to heal us and lighten our lives. For the soul to experience serenity, soft pastels shades of off-white, green, and blue should be used. Dark or extremely bright colours for the bedroom should be avoided as they bring along anxiety and gloom.

8. Pooja Space In Bedroom

pooja space bedroom @TheRoyaleIndia



You need to avoid the placement of divine photos in the master bedroom. Placing of either the idols or photos or some other material related to God is not favourable. If due to constraint in space, you require God’s photo in the bedroom then the best position is the east or the northeast direction. But if this is the case, then take adequate care that you do not sleep with your feet facing or pointing to God.

9. Build of Bed


Bed should be made of good quality wood. It should be solidly built and strong. The bed should be symmetrically designed. Wrought iron cots are to be altogether avoided. Box beds are not recommended. But now due to space constraints in flats, box beds are preferred. So when this is the case, try not to keep shoes in the box. Also the things in the box should be neatly arranged and cleaned from time to time. Clutter and disorganized box invites negative energy to the bedroom and to your lives. The mattress should be a double one and not two single joined together. Also the mattress should be comfortable for you to rest on it.

10. Place to Keep the Safe


The safe should be kept on the southwest corner of the master bedroom. This is because it is safe to keep heavy objects in this corner. Another preferable place for the safe in the bedroom is the south wall and the next best is west wall so that it opens to the north or east direction. This is considered auspicious. Avoid placing lockers in the east, west, northeast, northwest and southeast directions


11. Shelves, Wardrobes and Almirahs


As mentioned earlier, all the heavy materials need to be concentrated in the southwest corner of the master bedroom. The next position will be either south or west direction. So the wardrobes and the shelves are favoured in the southwest corner. Also the almirah is to be positioned in the southwest. But see to it that the door of your almirah doesn’t have a mirror. In case it does, cover it with paper or cardboard.


12. Changing Rroom or Attached Bathroom


As per Vastu rules, the bedroom should not have any attached bathroom. But if necessary, the bathroom should be built in the west or north of the room. The door of the bathroom should always be kept closed so that the negative energies from the bathroom do not enter the bedroom. Also the door of the bathroom facing the bed directly is not advisable.


13. Avoid Clutter in the Bedroom


Not only Vastu, but even Feng-shui preaches the benefits of keeping the bedroom free from clutter. Dispose off any broken artefacts or show pieces. When your bedroom is full of clutter, the flow of energies get disturbed and this creates disharmony at home. For the positive energies to flow freely and uninterrupted, the look of the bedroom should be minimal.

Also clutter signifies that you give importance to old things and that hinders your future growth. It makes your life stuck up in the past and doesn’t allow you to venture in new things.

14. Fragraces to Uplift your Mood


Fragrances or aromas are powerful agents to instantly uplift the mood and wipe out all the negative energies from within you. So make it a point to keep your room ventilated. Keep the windows open for at least an hour or so everyday so that stale air goes out and fresh air flows in. Additionally, place aromatic candles or fresh scented flowers to refresh your mood and improve your health.

As ancient as it may sound, following Vastu tips definitely brings in a lot of positive changes in your life. Vastu Shastra is related to science and so are its explanations. But it is important that you don’t neglect this and try it out yourself to see how you are benefitted by it. Peace and harmony are paramount to succeed in life both personally and professionally. And when you apply the rules of Vastu in your home so that you and your family members lead a happy and contented life, only then will you believe in its power, purity, uniqueness and its importance. So go ahead and plan your master bedroom according to Vastu compliance.

Your new age home is sure to radiate positive energy and bring bliss into your life if these simple tips for setting up the master bedroom are paid heed to.

Cheers to a healthy home! Cheers to a happy home!


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