Beat Your Midnight Hunger Pangs At These Food Joints in Mumbai

March 13, 2015 Beat Your Midnight Hunger Pangs With These Mumbai Joints @TheRoyaleIndia 1055 0 0

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A city that never sleeps HAS to cater to the people who are awake. In a world when ‘eat to live’ and ‘live to eat’ go hand in hand, the best of us get hungry after sipping just green tea at 7 PM. So what does one do? Log on to Zomato or harass Just Dial and hunt for midnight eateries like a savage beast. So before you get all ‘me hungry. Me want food’ like a hungry Hulk, here is a small list to cater to your dietary (not exactly) needs-

South Bombay

Bademiya, Colaba – Open Till 2 AM

Bade Miyan Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are not from this city, then chances are you must have heard this at least once, ‘dude you ever been to Bade’s? No! What are you saying? You will see how crowded it is at 2 am. Not like your Delhi’. It does not matter if you are from Delhi or no. As long as we can show our city never sleeps, we know we can sleep in peace. Situated right behind Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba, the eatery is always full and the area around it always smells like melt-in-your-mouth kebabs. Not to eat here once is a crime.

Ayub’s, Fort – Open till 4 am

Ayub's Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Situated at Fort, this eatery is famous for its rolls and kebabs. Open uptil 4 am, this is attracts a quieter crowd as compared to Bademiya. Looking for smoked tikkas and char grilled kebabs in the middle of the night? This is the place to be.

Bachelors, Chowpatty – open till 3 am

Bachelors Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Craving something sweet? How about going to Bachelor’s at Chowpatty? Touted as having the best roadside chocolate milkshake EVER, this eatery has a wide array of ice cream flavours too, the most popular being the green chilly flavour. No place to sit, sitting on or in your car is the best option.


Sigdi, Linking Road – Open till 3 am

sigdi mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Situated at Linking Road, this eatery offers Indian and Chinese cuisines. When they say ‘spicy chicken tikka’, they mean ‘spicy chicken tikka’. If it looks shut at 3 am, don’t despair. They have take out service till wee hours of the morning.

Mini Punjab, Linking Road

mini punjab linking road @TheRoyaleIndia

Located inside the famous KFC lane in Linking Road, this small eatery is famous for its delectable rolls. Perfect for after partying munchies and satisfying your hunger pangs.


Amar Juice Centre, Vile Parle – Open Till 2 am

Amar Juice Centre Vile Parle @TheRoyaleIndia

The best pav bhaji in the city to satisfy your cravings in the middle of the night, this roadside venue is open till 2 am and serves amazing dosas, burgers and sandwiches. Juices are a must. Located in Juhu, it is easy to reach here after a wild evening of happy hours. You can see the waiters expertly manoeuvring orders across the road to different cars where people are waiting for the food.

Ice & Rolls, JVPD - Open till 2 am

Ice and Rolls Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Situated opposite Mithibai College, this outlet is famous for juices, rolls and sandwiches. A student favourite during the day, it is a favourite of insomniacs in the night. However, like Amar Juice Centre, this is also open till only 2 am.


Jewel Food Court - Open till 2 am

Jewel Food Court Powai @TheRoyaleIndia

Powai residents have something closer home now. Jewel food court is open till 2 am from Monday till Sunday. It serves North Indian, South Indian and Chinese food along with beverages. Located in the old market of Hiranandani this area is forever crowded.

But if you are lazy to get up and go to one of these places to eat, you have the option of ordering in via online websites. Else you will always have your 24 hour coffee shops in hotels to go to. The above mentioned eateries are more fun to hang out in with your friends and after a night of partying, you might as well give your wallet a rest with cheaper options.

So which is your hidden late night gem in the city that never sleeps? Share it with us and I am sure the business will increase!

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