Spa for Mind Body and Soul at Bangalore

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Relax and Rejuvenate!

A Spa personifies these two magical words. Feel refreshed by the masseuse’s magical hands, get relaxed by the aroma of oils and lift your senses by contemporary as well as traditional treatments. Designed for mind, body and soul, we bring to you the choicest of Spa and wellbeing centres in Bangalore to make your choice easy. So, check-in today for some relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Spa – luxury personified
The Leela, Airport Road, Kodihalli

As they say, it’s all in the name. The Spa is the epitome of luxurious treatment and living. Experience this oasis of peace and tranquility at the basement of The Leela. Frequented by guests as well as locals, the holistic treatments at The Spa are designed by combining Ayurvedic, Eastern and European philosophies. We would recommend you to opt for a traditional treatment at the Kalari room. The unique treatment has the masseuse balancing her weight on the guests back to massage it with her feet with the use of a rope. This is followed by Abhiyanga or a harmonized massage, where two therapists work on you at the same time.

Soukya – for wellness

Wellbeing is what Soukya in Sanskrit means and literally offers. The foundation of this holistic healing centre was laid 10 years back by Dr. Issac Mathai, a world renowned Holistic practitioner. At Soukya not only will they restore the balance within body, mind and spirit through yoga, naturopathy, allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments, they will help you experience a way of life. Spread over 30 acre of organic farm, with different accommodation options as well as treatments, Soukya does top the list to spend some quality time with your own self.

Angsana – an experience
UB City

Well, literally an oasis in the heart of UB city, Angsana Oasis Spa, is one of the most popular and talked about Spa’s in the city. Situated on the 12th floor with 11 treatment rooms, Angsana has the patrons coming back for its ultimate spa experience. Specially designed relaxation areas make the guests unwind while enjoying a sip of green or jasmine tea on the lounge chairs. Feel blessed while enjoying their signature authentic Thai massage. The couple therapy rooms with whirlpool facility and other one with the city’s panoramic view will make up for the best gift or some together time.

Kenko – its all in the fingers
Lavelle Road


If you are not the Oil Massage kinds, then Kenko is the place for you. Known for its on the go and no fuss reflexology massages, Kenko is also popular for its fish Spa treatment. A fish Spa treatment by Garra Rufia fish is a must try. The tingling sensation will have you asking for more. Started in 2009, the franchise for Kenko was setup by Vandana Veermani who came across the brand during one of her trips. The Zen like atmosphere, with soothing music and the skilled hands kneading your muscles is all that you need to completely rejuvenate your senses.

Orzya – the exotic
Lavelle Road


If you are looking for an exotic Spa afternoon inclusive of lunch, Orzya is the place for you. Started by the veteran in the business of beauty and care, Orzya offers an exhaustive range of Thai and Balinese therapies. Therapies are performed only by Indonesian professionals who are masters in body treatments to wraps to facials. Experience bliss with exotic combination of European and Oriental treatments at this quaint white bungalow at Lavelle road. Let the natural ingredients and the fragrance of essential oils from flowers, herbs, plant extracts and fruits relax your mind, body and soul.

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