You are just seven steps away from getting that perfect balcony garden

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Do you often desire to wake up to a view of flowers and lush plants? Is the only thing stopping you is the fact that you stay in an apartment? Don’t worry; you can still have a splendid view and a dainty looking garden right there in your apartment. Say hello to balcony garden! Yes, you heard it right! Let’s get you started with some cool ideas. Here’s how you can fix your balcony garden and enjoy the nature’s freshness first thing in the morning.

1. Pots of different shapes and sizes

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The easiest way to get started with a balcony garden is finding a variety of small pots. Don’t stick to the boring big brown ones that are most readily available in the market, they take up more space and are very challenging to maintain.


Go for different shapes and sizes. Ditch the plastic ones (because eco-friendly, duh!) and go for the terracotta and glass pots.

2. Lawn-it-up!

Balcony garden decor ideas artificial grass @TheRoyaleIndia


Never ignore the floor. Take the extra effort and go for an artificial green grass or turf rug instead of simple floor tiles. You will love to walk bare-feet in this miniature lawn created in your balcony garden.

3. Add some extra love


Use pebbles and stone to add a little touch of nature. Put the small ones in the pots and use the big ones to decorate the corners.


Source: Heryz suzo

You can also add your artsy touch by painting the stones or getting some nice sculptures. Or even better, engage your kids in a fun stone-painting project. Extend the painting activity further and colour a few pots to add character to your balcony garden.

4. Use that railing

Balcony garden tips railing planters @TheRoyaleIndia


Consider adding holders in your bannister, but make sure the plants and containers you choose are light. We’d suggest using small flowering plants.


Utilising the railing will help you save on the precious floor space especially if you have a small balcony. Again, keeping a mix of plants of different sizes is a good idea.

5. Climbers for a fairytale look

Balcony garden ideas railing climbers @TheRoyaleIndia


Climbers are great to add that fairytale feel to your garden. You can build a separate mesh structure for a stand-alone climber or create an entrance to add character to your balcony. If you decide to add a small swing in your balcony, the best way would be to let those climbers and creepers twine themselves around your swing. Use climbers like Bougainvillea and Money plant.

6. Shelves and Vertical garden


Shelves aren’t only made for books! Line a wall with shelves and decorate with different pots. You can experiment with the various kinds of plants. Create a vertical garden by using fences or pockets. There are plenty of options available online. You can also make your own little herb garden with a mix of small plants likes mint and coriander. Another great thing to consider is planters. Use hanging planters to save space. But make sure the plants you choose aren’t too heavy.

7. Spice up the surrounding


How about adding a little spice to your balcony garden to make it your favourite place. Add a chair or a rug with a big cushion and you have the perfect place for enjoying that morning coffee or for reading.

If you are the lazy kinds, add a hammock. Go for colours that complement your room, or add tea lights and fairy lights over the balcony ceiling.

Now go ahead and add that fresh feel to your home. Do share with us if you have any more ideas!

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