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Mridula Dwivedi is an academician from Gurgaon who loves to travel. She did a Ph.D. in Management from IIT Kanpur. At first opportunity she is ready drop off everything to go on the next trip. She loves trekking a bit more than everything else. Her favorite regions are Nepal and Himachal Pradesh. One day she wants to travel the world.

Raina Assainar a full time-mom who has covered the darker shade of Navi Mumbai- crime reporting. She has now decided to take a step back to enjoy motherhood and explore her passion for home decor, travelling and other finer things. She confesses that she is also turning into techno-geek of sorts.

Sharayu Shejale is a BOOK ADDICT; who experiments with various authors and genres, though she usually prefers mysteries, fantasy, adventures and humour. She happens to be interested in the unusual, the bizarre and the weird (once you read her articles you would know what we are talking about!). In her free time, she can be found learning and teaching new words to her colleagues.

Jalpa just like many of you is an avid reader that makes her a blogger worth following! A trained dancer and keen explorer, she claims to have nearly million friends around the world. This girl is a thorough foodie and can converse with you for hours on any topic. Lastly, she states her true love is for the wild rides at amusement parks.

Ryan D’souza He is a self confessed gadget geek and is one of those ‘techies’ who actually knows what each tech jargon means! When not fiddling around any new gadget or software that he lays his eyes on; you can find him in his living room with the headphones on or playing warm tunes on his guitar.

Rohan Malandkar  Traveler, foodie and a deep thinker. When I am not on my 9 to 6 job, I am always doing one of the 3 things mentioned above. Besides that, trying to write my first novel and at least try to make a new dish every week. Besides this, I love to read a lot, work out in the gym and collect rare books from the Mumbai street shops. Oh, did I mention I am a foodie!! ??

Meghalomaniac I am ALWAYS late. Seriously, I never get to anywhere on time. Don’t ask me why. It’s a mystery. I trip even with both my feet planted on the ground. I am forever on a diet. I am a hotelier. I love humour, shoes, shopping, shoes, writing, shoes, reading, shoes, DIYs, shoes, sleeping, shoes, chocolate, shoes, animated movies, shoes. Oh and I love shoes.

Ketaki Mankame  Just another girl who wears hoodies, makes memes, writes emo poems, sings in the closet, watches anime, eats like a fricking hippo without getting fat and all the other usual things.

Shraddha Shenoy Not your usual girl next door. I love writing and am a crazy sport fanatic. I also sing at times. Oh, and when I’m not working, I’m still working.

Nawaf Khan  A dentist by profession, a writer by passion with a penchant for photographic predisposition; pardon my free-flowing phraseology for its lack of phonetic profundity, for I primarily partake in portraitures; both in peppery parlance and phenomenal photography, and not the least by way of fixing those flickering flashes of the fondest of facial expressions.

H. Fatima is an IT Engineer by profession and writer by passion. Her blog is a collection of short vignettes, stories and poems. She mostly writes what she deeply perceives and analyzes. It is her way of unwinding. Her interests include writing, reading (an avid reader), listening to various genres of music, volunteering and watching movies.

Ashwini Dsouza  Working as an IT consultant by profession in Mumbai, I consider myself to be a woman of multiple shades . I like doing different things at different times and also love doing things differently. Travelling, reading and writing top my list of hobbies.Excitement of exploring offbeat locations ,reading about absolutely anything under this earth and writing an account of my experiences really keep me going.And no matter what I do ,I always remember to have fun 🙂

Rajshree J.R Faria I’m a 21 year old student of psychology, admirer of the outdoors and obsessed with my scooter. You may find me at college trying to sort through my existential crisis, hanging out with friends, riding on the streets of Mumbai.

Tejaswini Parker  I want to do every possible this world has to offer me and cover every metre of this planet. Also I play the occasional keyboard and love to write. I strongly confide in feminist thoughts and humanitarian rights.