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Goa Tourism

Sunny Beaches, Exotic Food, Treasure Cove: Plan your Holiday in Goa

Goa is one the best and the most loved tourism places of India. Goa falls in the South-West coast and has attracted millions of foreigners and remains to be the eternal ...

Team Couponraja - June 22, 2017
How to decorate your home

How to Decorate your Home Interiors with Stylish Décor Items

Decorating your home with decor items can be considered as a hobby that reflects your creativity and vibes. No matter how good the house is, the home interiors finally add the ...

Team Couponraja - June 19, 2017
Mythical Heroes and their sons

Indian Mythological Heroes and Their Sons

One would think that divinities would be perfect in their lives and leave nothing to criticism. But we have ample examples of poor fathers from legends and mythology as well. ...

Team Couponraja - June 16, 2017
Celebrities and their Fathers

Bringing Up the Dads: Celebrities and their Fathers

MOTHERESE AND LEGALESE are rich in terms for one’s father: pater familias, pater, genitor (genitrix is mother), father, daddy, dad, papa, pop, pappy, old man, and perhaps a ...

Team Couponraja - June 16, 2017
Bahubali Book

Review of The Rise of Sivagami: Why it is a must read book for the Baahubali Movie fans

Nestled against the backdrop of the sacred mountain Gauriparvat, the mythical land of Mahishmathi stands as a powerful and indomitable empire. Deep inside the Gauriparvat ...

Team Couponraja - June 14, 2017
9 tips to upgrade wardrobe

9 Tips & Tricks for Men to Upgrade their Wardrobe

Who says that it’s only girls who get crazy about dressing and dressing well? It’s not surprising at all when you come across a guy who is very particular and puts sincere ...

Team Couponraja - June 14, 2017
9 Best Laptops under 30K @TheRoyaleIndia

9 Best Laptops under 30K

Laptop is now an essential gadget for everyone and is used for both official and personal use. With the wide range of laptops available in the market, it is better to do a ...

Team Couponraja - June 12, 2017

Know all about the Pizza

“You can’t please everyone,” reads an advertisement billboard, “You are not pizza”. Probably everyone, ruefully or readily, would agree with this. So what is the provenance of ...

Team Couponraja - June 8, 2017
Diamonds are Forever @TheRoyaleIndia

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are the precious gemstones known in India roughly about 6000years ago. Diamond is one of the hardest materials of the universe and is used to cut many hard metals.

Team Couponraja - June 7, 2017
8 Popular Food Delivery Apps in India @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Popular Food Delivery Apps in India

Feeling lazy at home or had a hard day at work, the one thing that is most desirable is tasty, tempting food right in the front and that too without putting in much effort. ...

Team Couponraja - June 6, 2017