Rewati K

Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Students: Enhance concentration and Map a Road to Success

Vastu Shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India is a science of directions which aligns architecture with nature creating a congenial ambience which helps students ...

Rewati K - November 10, 2017

What Makes these 8 Eye-Liners and Kajals So Popular: Reviews and Customer Opinions

From 10,000 BC till date, the desire to highlight the window to the soul, our eyes, has remained the same. Even the lost eras of Egyptian and Mesopotamian glory bear testimony ...

Rewati K - October 27, 2017

Weight loss regime – Watch your waistline!

In today’s stressful and hectic work routine, it is pretty challenging to squeeze out some ‘me’ time. But it is extremely important to work out to maintain a healthy body and ...

Rewati K - October 24, 2017

DIY: Top 12 Innovative Gift Wrapping Ideas

DIY: Top 12 Innovative Gift Wrapping Ideas As the French say, “The style is the man (woman), and your client’s style is most evident in how they present their gift. And ...

Rewati K - October 17, 2017

Amazon VS Flipkart – Top 10 Mobile Phone Deals

Festival season in India has kicked off with discount sales, deals and offers in every nook and corner – online and offline. The big online giants Amazon and Flipkart are ...

Rewati K - September 23, 2017