Athleisure: The New Staple Of Your Wardrobe

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5 years ago, if we would have told you that it is perfectly fine to wear your gym clothes to a date or even to work, you’d have thought we were crazy. But that’s not the case anymore. Today, stepping out wearing your comfy sweats and leggings is totally acceptable. Yes, even the fashion police approve it.

All thanks to the ‘Athleisure’ trend that’s gaining momentum. For the dummies who haven’t heard of it yet, here’s a gist. As the name suggests, athleisure is all about athletics and leisure. So, the women you’ve seen sporting sweats, comfy tees and leggings outside of a gym haven’t opted for these attires as a last resort.

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Interesting, isn’t it?

But mixing and matching random sportswear is not a solution to be an athleisure diva. You need to be extremely careful with your choices. So, we’re here to help you make the right ones.

We’re short listing 10 simple but rad looks to get you started with the athleisure trend:

Athleisure at work

It’s time to give your boring shirts and trousers an indefinite break, and to put your track pants to some good use. This all black attire is great for a working Friday. A pair of black track pants, boxed heels, a plain black t-shirt, a black blazer and you’re Friday is made.

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If you don’t have the liberty to dress up that casually at work, here’s another option. A turtleneck sweatshirt, paired with beige pleated pants and matching jacket will work any day. You can pair this attire with some bling-ey sneakers to add the glamour quotient to your look.

Athleisure on a day out

When you’re having fun with your girlfriends on a typical day out, it’s best to have something comfortable on. Athleisure helps you do that while retaining the style in your attire. A sleek jersey dress paired with some nice converse will do the trick.

athleisure on a day out

If being a dressy dame is not your thing, you could always opt for a semi see-through shirt with comfy gym pants and add some colour with a bright sling bag.

Athleisure on a date

Being physically comfortable at a date can do wonders in impressing your beau, and for that athleisure is here to rescue you from uncomfortable dressy clothes. A silk blouse, paired with a mini-skirt would look great. To add a bit of athleisure to the attire, pair the outfit with a baseball jacket. You could opt for heeled boots, or choose white sneakers to up the comfort game.

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If you love LBDs and want to wear one badly without looking too uppity, wear it with a pair of fancy sneakers and you’re good to go.

Athleisure for brunch

Brunch with your girlies is the time you want to openly stuff yourself with delicacies, without compromising on looks. A loose long sweatshirt, your gym tights with a pair of matching shoes are perfect for that matter.

athleisure for brunch @TheRoyaleIndia

You can even opt for a straight-from-the-gym attire if you’re actually planning to do that. Your t-shirt and gym slacks can be carried forward for the brunch. Just pair it with a loose hoodie, and you’re good to go.

Athleisure at parties

Since we’ve applied the trend at every place possible, why not wear them at parties too? Jogger pants and sports shoes look great with a sleek leather jacket.

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For a more glamorous look, be a little daring and go with a sexy sports bra with a spandex. Pair it with a zipper bomber jacket so that you don’t end up scandalizing the crowd with your hotness.

Have fun!

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