ASUS ZenBook 3 – A Serious Competitor To Apple Macbook

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In case you were trying hard to find a laptop that’s much lighter, thinner, and probably more powerful than a Macbook, your search will finally come to an end with the latest Asus Zenbook. ASUS, at the recently held Zenvolution event, unveiled the ZenBook 3, a laptop that’s thinner and lighter than MacBook Air.

Interestingly, the ZenBook 3 weighs merely 910g and is only 11.9mm thick, as compared to a MacBook that weighs 920g and is 13.2mm thick at its thickest point. Now, that’s something cool, isn’t it?

Earlier, Asus had released the ZenBook UX305 which weighed well over 2 pounds and measured 12.9mm in thickness. With the new ZenBook 3, Asus seems to have broken all barriers and is set to go head-on with Apple MacBook.

Asus zenbook 3 thin slim @TheRoyaleIndia


For quite a while now Apple MacBook has been reigning as the supreme master among laptops and ZenBook intends to change all of that. But, is this new gadget by ASUS that good?

Being the thinnest doesn’t seem to be the only USP the ZenBook 3 currently holds. The laptop will be available in 3 different variants:






Intel Core i5

4 GB

256 GB

$999 / Rs. 67,200 approx.


Intel Core i7

8 GB

512 GB

$1,499 / Rs. 1,01,000 approx.


Intel Core i7

16 GB

1 TB

$1,999 / Rs. 1,34,300 approx.

Asus zenbook 3 features


Rest of the specifications remain the same. According to ASUS, one factor that largely contributes towards its lightweight is the aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, which is known to be much stronger than what other laptops are made of. In terms of colours, the ZenBook will be available in Royal Blue, Rose Gold, and Quartz Grey.

As far as looks are concerned, the laptop definitely won’t disappoint you. After all, it’s going one-on-one with the MacBook, so it has to do it in style, don’t you think so?

Asus zenbook 3 features specifications @TheRoyaleIndia


No doubt, looks do matter, but what about the performance? Running on the latest Windows 10 OS, the ZenBook 3 has got the core i7 pumping in that power along with a 16GB RAM. And if you are not in a mood to spend around Rs. 1 lakh 30 thousand, you can check out the other 2 variants with an 8GB and 4GB RAM. With a bunch of powerful hardware packed in, performance shouldn’t be a problem.

The large 12.5-inch display comes shielded with Gorillas Glass 4. It includes a USB type-C port for charging, which according to ASUS, is capable of charging your battery up to 60% in just around 50 minutes.

Asus zenbook 3 usb type-C @TheRoyaleIndia


Another Notable feature of the new ZenBook 3 is a 3mm cooling fan, the world’s thinnest fan. And finally, there’s also a built-in fingerprint sensor.

No doubt, in terms of price, the ZenBook 3 variants may seem a bit expensive, but let’s not forget that we’re talking about the thinnest laptop around and one that’s directly being compared to the MacBook. So, if you are looking for a worthy MacBook alternative, you might want to consider the ZenBook 3. After all, with all that we know about the laptop, it turns out to be a perfect blend of style and power.

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