Are you, Your family, and Your home pet ready?

October 25, 2014 Are you, Your family, and Your home pet ready? @TheRoyaleIndia 862 0 0

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Pets are lifelong partners that bestow you with unconditional love and they are absolutely like adding a new family member. Hence, quizzing yourself and your family with some easy questions can resolve this perplexing query of whether it’s time to get a furry feather companion

Comfort levels

Kids comfortable with pet dog @TheRoyaleIndia

Does your child look relaxed when around animals or does he fear them? If the answer is the latter one, then getting a pet to your home isn’t a great idea. Your child could be caught up in a state of panic or make unwanted mistakes when the animal is around. If you want to test the waters you could perhaps take your child to animal shelters and give him some time before you conclude on getting the pet home. Also if you have toddlers at home, you could best postpone your plans for a later date.

Time constraints

Exercise with pets @TheRoyaleIndia

Now if you think your child is full of energy to run around the pet and is happy to do this all day long, it’s certainly a welcome sign. However, for walks outside the house, visits to the pet-doctor a.k.a vet, and direct supervision you would need to invest time, hence a dip-check on your schedule is advisable.

Financially prepared

Vet visit for pet @TheRoyaleIndia

Family budgets will be stretched and certainly rise as you the get pet to home. Let’s look at some basics of costs –

  • Health first -Vetenary costs would include annual check-ups, vaccinations, regular flea and parasite-prevention medicines.

  • Train them right -Along side you may need to spend on training the dog if you care to put him to an obedience group which may also cost a handful.

  • Hunger help -You may need to spend on food items and this must include some bones and special foods for treats too.

  • Vacation time -There will be a need to keep either a care taker or a kennel while you go out for family vacations. Alternatively you can take your pet along where in you would need to spend some boarding charges for the stay.

Cleanliness freak

Clean pet friendly home @TheRoyaleIndia

Can you deal with a home which is less than perfect in looks and cleanliness? If the answer to this one is no, chances are that you will frown once you get the pet home.

Pet proofing the home

Pet proofing home @TheRoyaleIndia

Pet proofing is a must before you get the new member home. It’s important to make sure that electrical cords are not left unprotected as many dogs love to chew them. As your pet may wander around the home, keeping the garbage well covered in kitchen and other places is vital. Arranging for cozy beds in possibly every room will ensure that there is personal space for your pet and also that he would discourage them from jumping on the furniture.

They are little kids of the family and will take their time to feel acquainted with the rules of the house. So until then, leaving him unsupervised is not advisable. To keep them occupied, you could shop for some suitable toys depending on the pet you intend to bring in.

Are you in for the new responsibility

Is your family pet ready @TheRoyaleIndia

And finally, if your family is going to get a pet, then it’s not just kids in the family but the elders in the house who would need to assume responsibility for the pet. While kids can be good caretakers of the animal, you have to be equally or more prepared to get one. During this introspection if you find that pet is not a good inclusion to the family, accept it, and revisit the idea a while later, say 6 months – 1 yr etc. There are wonderful other ways of spending time with animals and surely you can find one that’s more apt for you and your family.

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