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Sumita Chakraborty insists this is the right time to tone up and get that fab body for summer.

Summer’s ‘round the corner… and these hot, balmy sunny days are the right time to flaunt a wonderful ‘swimsuit ready’ bod. So that you can flash that svelte figure and get the world to stand still and say ‘wow’. So it’s the right time to get in shape right? Otherwise how are you going to flaunt those uber cool, stylish skimpy outfits to perfection?

But wait a moment… you have piled up those ungainly pounds last year… And the culprit is your sedentary lifestyle and erratic diet and of course, lack of exercise. So how on earth do you lose those unwanted pounds, you think rather sadly…

Well, don’t be depressed! Even the ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’ actress Alia Bhatt insists; “I was overweight as a teenager but I got a super svelte body by sticking to the right diet and doing the right exercises supervised by my trainer.”

So now it’s your time to turn into a new leaf or rather get a new body. So how do you go about doing that? Simple… with the right exercises and diet, you can get yourself in shape within a month. So what do you start with?

Diet Wise

  • Food Stead: Yes, good food does matter. But the key to your problem is to eat the right food. Get rid of all the oily fatty food from your diet. Add in a lot of greens and coloured veggies.

  • Light salads with yummy dressings work amazingly well. It also makes you feel light and happy. Add a lot of varied lettuces, beet, carrot, tomatoes, olives and more. A dash of vinegar dressing and this is an amazing meal by itself.

  • Have loads of nuts and dried fruits. They fill the stomach, give the necessary vitamins but also doesn’t overfill you.

  • Green and coloured veggies: Fresh veggies including spinach, capsicums, beans and cabbage are a boon. Sauté them instead of overcooking as that may kill the nutrients. Coloured veggies, according to a popular research, is absolutely incredible – it has a lot of minerals, nutrients and cuts down the fats. This incidentally has also been called power food.

  • Who says only vegetarians are super svelte? Lean meats without skin is good for you too. It gives the proteins yet cuts down the fat.

  • Fruits: Fruits have natural sugars so are excellent for you. It zaps up the energy and makes you feel amazing. …nd also fills the stomach.

Four Meals:

Breakfast: Start your day with a bowl of oats. It fills your tummy, gives you energy yet is not fatty.


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Mid-morning: Have a handful of nuts or dried fruits. This really makes you feel energetic.


Lunch: You can have a bowl of dal, followed by a wonderful salad with grilled lean meats.


Mid-afternoon: Have green tea. Supposedly it cuts down the belly fat. And perhaps, some diet biscuits. You can procure them from any supermarket.


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Dinner: Try and eat your dinner as early as 7:30 pm. It helps you digest your food easily. A bowl of soup is filling yet doesn’t add weightage to your already heavy weight. You can follow that up with a fruit.


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But just looking after your diet doesn’t work, you must also exercise. A balanced combination of the two can work its magic on you.

Exercise Right

You can either head to the nearest gym, hire a personal trainer and do the rounds to get a svelte body or you can follow a natural regime.

  • Walk: Yes, walking is a holistic way of cutting down your weight. Get on your tracks and a comfortable pair of trainers and get set to do the rounds. You can either walk around your Society compound or go to the nearest park and walk briskly for 20 minutes. The best time to walk is early morning around 6 or 7 a.m.. At that time, you’ll get those wonderful rays of the sun pumping in that much needed vitamin D into your body.

  • Run: Jogging or running can really work up a sweat and help you lose weight the natural way. Start by jogging slowly and then pick up speed as your body gets used to it. Do remember: to avoid any injuries, make sure you’re wearing a pair of comfy sneakers. Also take your bottle of water along. It’s no use getting dehydrated in your bid to lose weight.


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  • Cycling: A lot of places have cycle tracks these days if not, it’s absolute okay to pedal your way on the roads early morning. Cycling helps strengthen your leg and arm muscles as well as tones your midriff.


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  • Swimming: As you are trying to lose weight to get into those oomph swimsuits, why don’t you start swimming for earnest? Find a pool closer to your location and swim briskly for 20 minutes. Swimming can tone your body and miraculously get rid of the pesky extra inches.


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Now that you know the mantra, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get that gorgeous ‘summer’ body.

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