Archie dies a heroic death

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For all the Archie fans, there is sad news that might not let you read the next issue of the comic. One of the most unexpected twists, which would dishearten the fans- Archie’s death- has happened with ‘Life with Archie’ Vol. 36. “Archie died as he lived — a hero, representing the best in all of us,” Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater said in a news release.

In an attempt made on Keller’s life, Archie takes the bullet for his friend and dies a heroic death. ‘Life with Archie’ is all about the grown up Archie and how he relates to adult issues. Till now, as each Life with Archie edition comprised of two different storylines, one story relates with Archie married to Veronica while in the other he is married to Betty and so in both these timelines, Archie will die the same hero’s death.

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The good news for the fans is, though Archie dies, the comic will continue. The comic will take a year leap to witness the aftermath and how his friends have moved on since his surprising death.

Afterlife with Archie a.k.a. the ‘Archie’ zombie series will continue, with different and new interpretations of the characters to keep the fans engaged in comic as assured by Jon Goldwater.

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