Another Hollywood Actress ‘Transformed’

October 22, 2014 renee zellweger plastic surgery @TheRoyaleIndia 822 0 0

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Go on. Guess who is that? We will wait while you think. No? It is *drumroll please* Renee Zellweger! Shocked? So were we. Enraged? So were we. The usual questions of ‘Whaaaaiiii?’ and ‘How?’ and ‘wt*?’ will have popped up in your head by now. This is how she stepped out during a party by Elle for Women of Hollywood on Monday. And that’s what she is. ‘She had such a cute face’ and ‘why will you transform yourself so much?’ and ‘isn’t aging gracefully better?’ But let us take a minute and ponder. Yes the transformation has been drastic but name one actress who has aged gracefully without going under the knife. Julianne Moore? Puhleeze. Meryl Streep? Nonsense!!! Sandra Bullock? Really? Yes we agree that their surgery has retained their faces, but what does one do in this fickle industry where you are the most beautiful person, standing at the top of the world one moment but are touted as the ugliest person the next? You really want to blame her for undergoing such a change when no one suddenly wanted to look at her face and she was off radar for so many years? Instead of being a washed out actress in her mid 40’s who is under the scanner for drinking or smoking or mortgaging her house she decided to change herself.

renee zellweger @TheRoyaleIndia

We do not support surgery one bit but what does one do to survive in this highly competitive, fickle industry that doesn’t really care about you? As they say, it’s the survival of the fittest after all. But we have one piece of advice for you Renee, make sure you change your IDs; else you will have a lot of explaining to do to cops, your dog, family and doorman. Quite honestly it’s your life and you need to live it the way you want to.

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