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Anita Dongre: The Fusion Forerunner

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Anita Dongre is a name to reckon within the ‘World of Fashion’. Her designs beautifully fulfill the needs of the contemporary Indian woman, of all ages and shapes. Right from Bollywood divas to woman from various walks of life, Anita’s sophisticated and glamorous creations have adorned all of them. The designer has three very distinct brands under her fashion umbrella; the signature label is Anita Dongre (with sub brands Timeless, Iinter-Pre’t and Anita Dongre Menswear). She is also the Creative Director to two other popular high fashion brands- AND and Global Desi. Today her brands sell from more than 350 retail points throughout India.

Anita Dongre is unarguably the most popular and well-known fashion designers of the country today.

The Royale: How do you interpret style?

Anita Dongre: Style is an expression of self, a state of mind! Its something that reflects your personality, your nature and your lifestyle!

TR: Fashion to you is?

AD: Empowering the wearer and making them feel more confident and great about themselves.

TR: Your vanity case has…

AD: The basics- a good moisturiser, lip balm and a BB cream

TR: How often do you upgrade your closet?

AD: With the launch of each seasons’ collection from AND, Global Desi and Anita Dongre.

TR: Do you follow trends or like to break rules with your own take on them?

AD: I tweak trends to suit my own style. My personal style is simple and classy and, if I like a particular style I will own it in five different colours. I know what works for me and its important to know your individual style that defines you and work around popular trends to make them work for you, rather than following them blindly.

TR: Which cities according to you are the fashion capitals of the worlds and why?

AD: New York, Paris and Mumbai are fashion capitals, since you get to see such a diverse mix of interesting trends and styles emanating from each of these cities across the globe.

TR: One designer label which has been essential part of your closet over the years and why?

AD: My own labels- Anita Dongre, Global Desi and AND, since each of them reflect my personality in some way and work well for any occasion. I wear AND to work, Anita Dongre Timeless or Iinterpret to a formal dinner, event etc and for a fun playful vibe I would dress in Global Desi

TR: Unforgivable fashion faux pas…

AD: For me, the biggest faux pas anyone can commit is to wear ill-fitting clothes. No matter how great and fabulous a style maybe, if it does not fit well, it will never look good

TR: Do you share a penchant for accessories?

AD: Absolutely, I love wearing waist belts


Style Tip by Anita Dongre:  Know what works for you, dress according to your body type, and never follow trends blindly. Keep it simple- that’s forever classy and elegant!

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