8 New Features Of Google’s Latest Sweet Delight – Android Marshmallow

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Google conducted an event a few days ago to put more light on its latest Android iteration, the tastefully named Android Marshmallow. Though some of the basic features have been out for some time now, Google explained in detail the new features that make the new update exciting. So let’s have a look at the eight new features that have been added to Android Marshmallow.

1. App Permissions

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Source: officialandroid.blogspot.in

Taking a leaf out of iOS’s book, Android has overhauled the way in which apps access the hardware as well as the software features of your Android device. For example, when you open the sound recorder, the app will promptly ask you for permission to use the mic. These prompts wouldn’t just come up when you open the app for the first time; the app would, in fact, prompt you whenever you use a certain feature within an app. This new method gives the user a whole lot of control over how their apps function.

2. New Cut Copy Paste Method.

mashmallow better copy paste @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: buffercode.in

Previous iterations of Android featured a tab of buttons on top of the screen whenever a user wanted to cut, copy or paste text on the screen. But the buttons featured images that were confusing at times and required some getting used to. Google decided to overcome this obstacle and have now introduced an Apple style pop up with the words cut, copy and paste, whenever a user holds down text. The pop up appears just above the text. This feature makes editing text a whole lot easier.

3. Chrome Custom Tabs

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Source: slashgear.com

Looks like Google decided to go the Apple way for the third time. While using most of our apps, we are bound to come across links and when we click these links in Android, it launches either Chrome or another browser of our choice. Well not anymore. Like what Apple did with Safari. Google has gone ahead with Chrome Custom Tabs, a new Chrome page that opens up right on top of an app whenever a link is accessed. Thus, you are still within the app because the Chrome app is not launched separately. This integration of Chrome into apps will lead to a smoother internet experience.

4. Improved fingerprint support.

fingerprint security mashmallow @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: officialandroid.blogspot.in

Fingerprint authentication in Android was limited to the lock screen. Now a fingerprint scan can be used to purchase items in Android Play and in other apps as well.

5. Better Link Identification.

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Source: youtube.com

This new feature is another improvement over the links that are displayed in apps. In current Android versions, a click on the links pops out a window that lets us select the app to launch the link in. Android Marshmallow is designed to understand links better. So, now if you click a Twitter or YouTube link, Android will directly launch the Twitter or YouTube apps respectively, bypassing the pop up window. A much better way to use links, I must say.

6. New app drawer

mashmallow app drawer @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: androidpit.info

Android Marshmallow features an all new app drawer that has white background which has now replaced the faded wallpaper seen previously. The new app drawer also scrolls vertically instead of horizontally.

7. Longer Battery Life

mashmallow battery @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: financialexpress.com

In a bid to give the battery life of your device a significant boost, Android Marshmallow introduced ‘Doze’ feature. When the device is in a rested state, Doze recognises and automatically puts your android device to an almost off-state. This remarkably increases the standby battery life of your android device. And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you will miss any call, alarm or notification; Doze will take care of it.

8. Contextual Assistance

now on tap mashmallow @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: pastemagazine.com

Now on Tap is Android Marshmallow’s most standout feature that makes it all more interesting. This predictive digital assistant anticipates what information you need in a particular moment. Suppose your friend sends an email about meeting you at some restaurant. Simply tap and hold on the home button and ‘Now on Tap’ will provide you with the map and other relevant information. It even suggests a calendar entry, so you don’t miss out anything and plan things better.

With so many interesting features to look out for, Android’s sweet delight – Marshmallow has become one of the most talked about Android additions. If you wish to get your hands to it, simply invest in a Nexus device.

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