An iPhone app to cure your acne

April 6, 2014 iphone app @TheRoyaleIndia 589 0 0

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This latest iPhone app will help acne sufferers to improve their skin condition. Dubbed as Diet & Acne, this free app uses data of peer-reviewed research studies and shows the users various scientific evidence, which links acne to certain foods like chocolate, sweets, fat, sugar, etc.

Diana Cohen M.D. is the creator of this amazing app and a graduate student in engineering design & innovation from Northwestern University. According to her, the users will be surprised to know that there is no conclusive evidence linking chocolate and acne. However, a small study shows that eating 100 percent of cocoa is capable of worsening acne symptoms.

The app teaches you different ways to make better food choices. Thus improve your skin and make it look more radiant. Diet & Acne shares insights such as skim milk along with another dairy, whey protein, foods high in sugar and omega-6 fatty acids are linked with the presence of acne, on the other hand, antioxidant-rich foods, fiber, etc. play an important role in decreasing the outburst of acne.

In the online issue of JAMA Dermatology March 2014, a study examining the usage of this app was published. As per the reports, the Diet & Acne app was downloaded by almost 5,507 iPhone user in more than 98 different countries between April-August in 2013. Various users have stated that Diet & Acne is different from other apps as it uses systematic evidence and provides all necessary information.

Looking out for guidelines to tackle acne issue? Download Diet and Acne app now …..It’s free for downloading!!

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