An Almost All Girls European Road Trip – Part 4 – Netherlands

December 3, 2014 An Almost All Girls European Road Trip – Part 4 – Netherlands @TheRoyaleIndia 787 0 0

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Sadly, this article brings me to the end of an amazing trip. After covering France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, we then went to Netherlands.

Workaholic and guy #1 left for Amsterdam to check in to a hotel long before the rest of us had even got around to waking up completely. We got ready and headed in the same direction holding on to my bag (girl #3 and guy #1 were leaving a day after the workaholic and me). We reached Amsterdam and I stored my luggage in the station lockers. We got out and met the workaholic and guy #1 standing in the queue for the canal ride. The three of us made our way to the main square where the Batman and the Grim Reaper were beckoning us towards them. We went towards the Grim Reaper who happily put his scythe around our necks and then ironically told us to go and have a nice day. We were also mistaken for college students aged 21 or 22. We didn’t bother correcting the wrong (or in this case the right) doers. We walked and reached the red light district of the city. We were there! Finally! We had decided to hit a new bar ever so often to have a drink or two.

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Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

Finally it was party time! We saw the show windows occupied by women, we saw tipsy men in bars enacting the women in the show windows, we saw adult toy stores, we saw (Alas! but could not eat) cannabis cookies and we got drunk. Before getting drunk we were looking for a place to eat. We encountered a drunk (I don’t need to say it actually) Irish who convinced us to eat in the restaurant where he was standing. Now girl #3 and I have joined Bollywood dance classes and had been dying to perform on Baby Doll on the streets of Europe to earn some few euros. We never got that chance. But the chef of that restaurant turned out to be part Punjabi and played Baby Doll for us. So yes we ended up performing in the restaurant. After that we played a lot of Hindi songs and danced to those too. We went partying after the amazing meal and danced and drank our hearts out. Workaholic and guy #1 went back to the hotel at around 2 AM but the three of us didn’t show any signs of passing out. We went club hopping and didn’t realize when it struck 4 AM. The clubs were still packed with people like sardines in a can. Around 4:30 AM we made our way back to the station to collect my bags and took a taxi till the hotel. We reached around 5:30 AM and workaholic and I had to catch our airport shuttle in 30 minutes. In complete drunken frenzy I changed and got ready for the airport.

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Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

Before getting into the shuttle workaholic cried a bit to see the trip ending. I was kind of not in a state to console but I tried anyway. After check in we made a beeline for Starbucks and had the tastiest coffee (it did feel so at the time). I passed out on the seats at the gate after security and that’s when every single drop of alcohol in my system was making its presence felt. With the world spinning around me I was oblivious to it. After a long flight of passing out and waking up only to eat, we landed in Bombay. We had promised ourselves after enduring the rain and the cold weather in Europe that we will never whine about the weather here. But that didn’t last for two minutes after we landed.

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Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

After the usual immigration, buying duty free alcohol, trying to rub off the silly red cross on my suitcase for no reason we got into a cab when it finally hit me that we were back and I burst into tears and sobbed for a good half an hour. I now realize that we travelled by road only from Germany to Switzerland to Paris and inside Switzerland, so this cannot technically be called a road trip. But it sounds cool so I’m gonna! With me not getting my passport and visa till 5 hrs before my flight, with the nonsensical laughter, with the small arguments and trying to find our way, with the umpteen falls I took, this was easily the best trip I have ever undertaken. 16 days of pure bliss and of course, freedom. All we wish for is that it should have lasted for 2 more years at least. I am still suffering from a very European hangover.

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