An Almost All Girls European Road Trip – Part 2 – France

November 12, 2014 An Almost All Girls European Road Trip - Part 2 - France @TheRoyaleIndia 840 0 0

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The drive to France from Switzerland was as enchanting as it could be. The change in scenery from the snow capped mountains to grassy plains was mesmerizing and I have never seen the sky so blue. Trying to eye some cute French guys was our mission and that is how we passed the time. Now I have to take a moment and appreciate the warped durations of daytime and night-time. We reached Paris at about 6 PM (from where the guy #2 made his way back to Netherlands to recuperate after driving us around) and it was still as sunny as Jaipur at 12 in the afternoon in May.

Stained glass @TheRoyaleIndia

The workaholic stayed in the hotel whereas the rest of us had to find our way to a couch surfer’s house. So at about 9 PM (the sun finally showed signs of setting) we were seen dragging our bags across the length of Champs-Élysées looking for the steps leading to the underground Metro station. One tip- Always, always, carry backpacks. No suitcases especially when you are going with friends and have no agenda in life. After about 1.5 hrs of making complete fools of ourselves, battling the metro station barriers, we reached the couch surfer’s house. Yes, there were slopes to reach his house. Yes, there were steps in his building. Yes, we encountered escalators but only the ones going in the opposite direction. No, the Parisians did not drive us away. After planning our itinerary for the next two days, we fell into a dreamless sleep. Thank god for the weird timings in Europe.

notre dame @TheRoyaleIndia

We managed to rush out of the house at 2 PM (full 3 hrs behind schedule) and managed to cover Notre Dame, the lock bridge (where sadly the locks are being removed now), Louvre, Centre Georges Pompidou (the multicultural centre), Statue of Liberty replica and the symbol of Paris- Eiffel Tower. Just because it was sunny till 9 PM, we got a ride in their local rickshaw from Notre Dame to the Louvre and honestly I felt I was in Jamaica more than I was in Paris.

the famous lockbridge @TheRoyaleIndia

We had to walk along the lock bridge to reach Louvre and bought our locks from a Haryanvi who gave us a major discount because of patriotism. We made our way to the Louvre where we encountered our first and last racist of our trip. We abused him away.

the louvre @TheRoyaleIndia

After clicking several pictures of the 2nd famous pyramid in the world, we went inside to check out the mysterious girl, Mona Lisa. Extremely over hyped but I will still recommend everyone to go and see it. Whilst walking towards Centre Georges Pompidou we had a very Marilyn Monroe-esque experience (see the picture).

the marilyn monroe incident @TheRoyaleIndia

Quite honestly, we got done with Pompidou in a few minutes and reached the Statue of Liberty. Well whaddya know? It had its very own fence with locks. Right at the edge, facing river Seine, one of the many replicas of the famed statue stood. We then made our way to Eiffel Tower. It is every bit as majestic and grand as you have seen in movies, videos, pictures or read about it in books or imagined. We went right till the top from where we had an amazing view of the entire city. By the time we came down it was nearly 1 am so we decided to take a taxi (don’t ask how much it cost) and rushed back home.

palace of versailles @TheRoyaleIndia

The next day was reserved to visit the Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe and have a nice meal in a French restaurant. Palace of Versailles is one of the prettiest palaces I have ever laid my eyes on. The entire city of Versailles is beautiful.


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