An almost All Girl’s European Road Trip – Part 1 – GERMANY & SWITZERLAND

November 6, 2014 An almost All Girl’s European Road Trip – Part 1 – GERMANY & SWITZERLAND @TheRoyaleIndia 725 0 0

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It’s a proven fact that 99.999% of the plans made in the dead of the night never materialize. So it is no surprise that I was being cynica…. realistic about the materialization of a plan for a Euro trip. But I guess it luckily came in the 0.001% of rarely-it-happens-and-I-wish-I-had-wished-for-something-else category (not that I wish I had wished for something else). So my friend is in this totally cool but boring-on-paper job which lets her travel and she is kind enough to ask us courteously not knowing that we tend to make hay while the sun shines. Being out of a job for a tad too long takes a hit on your bank account. So that got me thinking about the funding of the trip. She brainwashed me worse than a Taliban recruit. So out came my depleted savings and puppy eyes for my family and our group got larger with 3 women and 2 men (she should be in sales, that one). So the places we had planned to cover were Germany, Switzerland, France and Netherlands (I know! Right!).

The drive to Switzerland @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

It would be really unjust if I sum up my experiences in a single article. There’s so much to share; so I decided to re-live my memories in parts. Today I start with Germany and Switzerland.

Hohenzollern @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

We reached Frankfurt and the first day was spent in annoying the Germans, with our lack of knowledge of road signs and lack of knowledge of the language, and having our first phoren meal. The next day we travelled to this extremely picturesque town, Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

Famous for its castle, it was beauty personified. We walked and came across the town square which looked something like a big budget Bollywood rom-com. I was half expecting some random Indian to break into a jig and a catchy song to make up to his pissed off girlfriend, what with a statue/ fountain in the centre, cobbled streets, benches and an amazing weather. Of course, intelligent as we are, we never did ask that nice bus lady how to get back to Frankfurt. That’s when we heard some loud Punjabi being spoken and we found our man. He directed us to the train station but not before giving us a free tram ride. We reached Frankfurt in one piece and I made plans to go to Köln (Cologne) the next day.

Lock Bridge in Koln @TheRoyaleIndia

I went alone as my friend was off to work. Now I have to say that travelling alone in an unknown place boosts your confidence like never before. You also leave all shame of clicking #selfies.

Knight outside the Dom @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

I went and saw the third largest cathedral in Europe, the Dom and managed to reach the lock bridge. Interestingly Köln is the place where the original Cologne was manufactured. I reached Frankfurt the next day and the guy #1 and moi went to this forest about 45 minutes from the city. We reached a lake in the middle of nowhere, had our respective alcohols and called it a day. Two tipsy people finally staggered back to the room and passed out. This evening is when guy #2 joined us from Netherlands. He was our designated driver and, little did we know it, photographer after all.

Blackforest @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

We drove down to Switzerland from Frankfurt with umpteen stops on the way including Hohenzollern Castle (my lungs are still adjusting to the steep climb) and Black Forest, where we had the Black Forest cake laced with alcohol.

Blackforest Cake @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

We met our girl #3 in Switzerland and drove till Sarnen, where we were putting up in this awesome house booked via Air BnB. We reached quite late in the night; so next morning is when we had our first glimpse of the Alps from our backyard. We went to Mt. Titlis where yours truly fell and smacked her head on the ice. Then she nearly got hypothermia and had to rush down to the safe haven of a warm café. Loss of snow virginity wasn’t a good experience at all.

Lucerne Bridge @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

Then we went to Lucerne which has a really pretty wooden bridge surrounded by the bluest lake and done up with flowers on the sides and swans swooping up and down in the water with their graceful necks. After a long photography session we went back home and cooked up a nice meal. The next two days was spent in exploring Brienz and Interlaaken. Definitely the prettiest country we saw in our trip.

We also chanced upon a bar in Grindelwald (the only reason we decided to go to Grindelwald was because of the Harry Potter reference). After clicking lots of pictures or rather after getting them clicked, we wanted to go somewhere to warm ourselves.

Avocado Bar @TheRoyaleIndia

Photo credits : Mr. Aditya Kumar

That’s when we saw the Avocado Bar (a place I highly recommend) and had one of the best evenings. The place is run by Alex. They have a gigantic Jenga kept outside with a miniature version inside with dares written on the blocks, darts, guitars and the freedom to sing. Yes! You guessed it! We sang Hindi songs in complete earnest and took the dares quite seriously. It helped me in giving a kiss (on the cheek, people!) to Alex. We had a Jagermeister shot each and went back home. After three eventful days we drove down to the City of Lights/ City of Love/ Expensive City- Paris.


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