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Nestled in the heart of Cannaught Place, Ambrosia Bliss is a known name in Delhi. Turn right from the Haldirams and you will be greeted with a lovely charming lady Shabnam who will receive you graciously and will guide you towards the lift. Once you reach the second floor, your heartbeat will stop for a second marvelling at the beauty of the décor. It is here where all the drama will begin to unfold.

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The interior of Ambrosia Bliss is based on Arabic themes. Furnished with wooden carvings and lamps you will be transported to an entirely dissimilar world. Whether you want to go ahead and take a seat or spend a few hours taking selfies is up to you. With sky high expectations I ran for my seat. #Monshtroush_Roshugulla

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You can either make your way towards a fine dining area or to the bar where you can take pleasure in the live performances. The bar area is perfect for a weekend scene with your gang. It is actually FRIDAY! SATURDAY! SUNDAY! party place. Now, coming back to my saga of fondling with food. I always prefer to concentrate on my food; therefore I rushed to the fine dining area which again made me think of all the selfies I could take. I was served there by Mr. Kushwant and Ms. Lily. Both the servers had eloquent information about the dishes and were chatty enough. Let me assure you regarding the service and do take their suggestion seriously. You will be in capable hands.

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I was already well versed with menu but I took a cursory glance. I was tempted with an envious collection of liquor which was only 3 years and 2 months away from me. Therefore, I settled for a Jasmine Tea to begin with while my Indian Vegetarian Platter was being prepared. It did not take long before I was drooling over 6 dahi kebabs, 6 harra kabab, 4 mushroom galouti, 4 paneer tikka. I was clearly able to taste the novel introduction of spices in the traditional recipes.

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Mushroom Galouti

Dahi Kebabs and Hara Kebabs explode into many flavours in your mouth. Pakhtuni Paneer Tikka is layered with 3 different spices and bursts into different flavours when eaten with onion rings and mint dip. Otherwise, it will taste bland and ordinary.

The concept of Kesari Puff is commendable but the chef looses the picture in the actual execution part. You will not be able to break it with your knife, so quit trying. Pick and pop it in your mouth. I wish it was a bite size dish because of the same. Overall all the platters on the menu are a hit with the foodies.

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Grapefruit Salad

Next I ordered Grapefruit with crunchy veggie salad. Did you know Grapefruit helps you with weight loss? And yes, that is why I ordered it. Freshly chopped vegetables tossed in soy and mint dressing is very refreshing and appetising for all taste buds.

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Philadelphia Cheese Rolls

My next pick from the menu was Philadelphia Cheese Rolls and boy! I am glad I made that choice. I am still not clear whether the rolls were melting in my mouth or was it me melting in the three exotic cheeses and chillies. But I was in heaven for sure! #Monshtroush_Roshugulla


Another phenomenal creation from the kitchen of Ambrosia Bliss was Tamarind Tofu Cups. Miniature cups filled with peanuts and tofu dancing in your mouth along with tamarind sauce. Crispy Corn Kernels were flavoured with cooking wine and ginger. Benarasi dum aloo and Vilayati mix veg along with Dal Makhni stole the show.

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Daal Makhni

Because the bottom-line is, an Indian can only be satisfied with good Indian food. I am going again for this deadly combination with multi grain Naan. The chef claimed that they take pride in making the dishes with fresh cream and clarified butter for the simple reason of remaining true to their roots. #Monshtroush_Roshugulla


The dessert was chef’s special, a Sticky Toffee Pudding, Molten Lava Cake and Phirni in an earthen bowl.

phirni @TheRoyaleIndia

The flavours, sweetness and textures were well balanced in all the three dishes. Heart patients should be a little careful while ordering Molten Lava Cake with fresh Vanilla ice-cream because the oozing chocolate sauce can take a toll on the weak hearts. Phirni was topped with desi ghee and pistachio shavings. It tasted exactly like my granny’s recipe. And let me tell you she is an uncrowned MasterChef, my dear friends. “What’s your drug of choice?” She always used to ask me. “Food,” I said. “It is the most addictive one of all”. #Monshtroush_Roshugulla

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Address : L-51-54, 2nd floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Phone : 098113 68007

Hours Open : 11:30 am – 1:00 am

Cost for 2 : Rs 2000 (approx)

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