Amazon Launches It’s Sleekest E-Reader: The Kindle Oasis

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As far as handheld devices go, the e-book reader has had its fair share of supporters as well as detractors. Some say reading on an electronic screen takes away the joy of reading an actual book. But, there is no denying the fact that an electronic reading device has far more pros than cons. You could have a huge collection of books at your disposal at any time in a handy little device. Amazon immediately understood the potential of such a device and introduced the Kindle, a light, and thin device with an e-ink screen that could simulate the effect of reading a book as closely as possible.


Amazon kindle oasis 8th version @TheRoyaleIndia


The Amazon Kindle devices were never known for their design, which was simple and basic so that the focus could be on the content than on the screen. With the new Kindle Oasis, they seem to be letting go of this philosophy. The Kindle Oasis looks much better than any previous models. It is much lighter and slimmer than the Voyage.

Amazon kindle oasis cover @TheRoyaleIndia


What’s more, to finish the premium design philosophy, Amazon has added a leather protective cover at the back that doubles as a backup battery. This is an excellent design change. The cover comes in three colours and connects magnetically to the back. It can be removed and attached with absolutely no fuss. While you have the option of using the device without the cover, you would only get about two weeks of battery life. With the cover, however, you can get a whopping 9 weeks of battery life.

Amazon kindle oasis @TheRoyaleIndia


Another area that the device has been upgraded is the screen. The screen has about 60% more LED lights which significantly improves brightness. Pages can be easily turned by touching the screen or using the two page-turn buttons on the device. There is a slight hump at the back which makes it easy to hold the device in one hand comfortably such that your thumb rests on the page-turn button. Even the left-handed people can operate the device with an equal ease as it is equipped with an accelerometer that allows you to use it with either hand and rotate the screen and turn buttons.

Amazon kindle oasis thickness @TheRoyaleIndia


The device is powered by a 1 GHz processor and comes with 4 GB of built-in storage. The device now weighs 4.6 ounces and is extremely thin at 3.4 mm at its thinnest point. That’s really something, isn’t it?

  • Weighs 4.6 ounces and is 3.4 mm at its thinnest point

  • Latest-generation high-resolution 300 ppm Paper white 6-inch touch-screen display

  • Redesigned front light features 60% more LEDs and better uniformity

  • 4GB of built-in storage (stores thousands of e-books)

  • Included leather charging cover sticks magnetically to Kindle

  • 1GHz processor

  • 2 weeks of battery life on its own, over 9 weeks when combined with the cover

  • Can be operated with either hand

  • Battery cover comes in three colour options

  • 3G+ Wi-Fi option

Amazon sleek kindle oasis @TheRoyaleIndia


The new Kindle Oasis is an excellent e-reader from Amazon and scores high in all categories. The only questionable feature is the rather steep price. For a device that is not waterproof, Rs. 23,999 seems to be quite high, what do you think?

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