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As Indians, if there is one thing we absolutely love, it is SALES… and when it’s combined with an occasion such as our 67th Republic Day celebration, our shopping spirit is lifted higher! Amazon India, one of the biggest online retail stores in the country is holding the Great Indian Sale to celebrate the day our nation truly became constitutional.

Starting sharp at 12 a.m. on 21st January and ending at 11.59 p.m. on 23rd, the Amazon Great Indian Sale 2016 offers hundreds of thousands of products available at highly discounted prices. Be it a gift for a bibliophile friend, a stunning saree for your mother, or maybe a grooming kit for your beau, this is a great time to buy these products without burning a hole in your pocket.

Exciting Cashbacks

Amazon cashback @TheRoyaleIndia


It’s also a good time to be using credit and debit cards to pay for your online shopping; the Great Indian Sale offers the shoppers a cashback of 15% on their products if they buy shop through their mobile app, and a 10% cashback when they shop through the website. Only unfortunate thing about this is that the offer is that it is valid only for Citibank customers.

Why Use The Amazon Mobile App?

amazon mobile app @TheRoyaleIndia


Amazon India has been urging its users to download their app, and in their bid to further this cause, they are offering some added benefits to their app users. App users will be able to view some of the top deals 15 minutes before the Amazon website users! This means that your chances of grabbing a very popular deal are better if you use the app than otherwise. Clever way of promoting the app, isn’t it?

What To Look-Out For?

Amazon republic day electronics sale @TheRoyaleIndia

So far, Amazon is offering some unbelievable discounts of 30% on international toys, up to 35% discount on international baby brands, and up to 20% off on international home and kitchen brands. Furthermore, the Great Indian Sale will see Amazon offer 30% discounts on 40 international brands that partnered with Amazon in the last months. Check out all Amazon Discount offers here.

Short-Term Deals

Old time users of Amazon must be well aware of its ‘Lightning Deals’ which will continue to feature during this Great Indian Sale. Updated every half hour, these deals are called “Lightning” for a reason; these deals get taken within hours and sometimes minutes of being displayed. So you better get your speedy hands on the mouse or phone screen as soon as you spot your deal!

When To Shop?

Amazon sale @TheRoyaleIndia


The Amazon Great Indian Sale of 2016 has some new and interesting deals. Night shoppers can avail some of the special deals between midnight and 8 a.m! Early risers, don’t be disappointed! Amazon has a set of deals for you too; the Blockbuster Deals starting at 8 a.m. will make your day! So while the others are busy yawning, you can shop away, grabbing the best deals!

Now that you know where you can get those amazing pair of shoes you were drooling over for a lesser price, go grab them before they sell out!

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