All You Need To Turn Your House Into a Buzzing Party-Place

February 17, 2015 All You Need To Turn Your House Into a Buzzing Party-Place @TheRoyaleIndia 753 0 0

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You have had a loooong work week and you just want to party over the weekend. But just thinking about getting ready makes you wanna sleep. You’d rather party at your place and have other people come over. But how does one organize a house party without moving away from the TV and the couch and all the junk food surrounding you or from your work PC? Who wants to go and browse through stores alone and wait in the checkout line whilst impatiently tapping your foot because the person in front of you picked up one product and that too without the bar code?

Therefore we are here to help you organize the most awesome house party. You just require the following things-

  • A house

  • A computer/ smart phone

  • A working net connection (the kinds which doesn’t die on you during the most crucial moments of web browsing)

  • Money in bank and hard cash


House Party Shots @TheRoyaleIndia

In today’s day and age of not having to move, just call up Just Dial or log on to their website and look for wine shops near your house which deliver beverages home in case you don’t already have one on your speed dial. Speak to them after figuring out what everyone will drink and get it delivered. Hard cash required. Have the alcohol delivered couple of hours before and keep some beverages ready, such as a bowl of Sangria or season specific eggnog or some shots.


House Party Food @TheRoyaleIndia

Another major make or break factor is food in any house party. Sure you can order pizzas and kebabs but that’s the time your brain fails to help you with any more options. Log on to sites such as Food Panda and order from various different restaurants.


House Party Fresh Music @TheRoyaleIndia

Music can be downloaded for free through various websites. Else just attach your computer to your TV and make a playlist on YouTube for great visuals. Don’t have an HDMI cable? Just order it from sites such as or or Don’t want to connect the system to the TV? Then just look for a set of speakers (preferably with Bluetooth) so it is easier for you and your friends to connect the gadgets to the speaker. Else have a friend who has amazing speakers, come in slightly early to set it up.


House Party Dance @TheRoyaleIndia

Nowadays all retail stores tend to have an online store as well for lazy people like you; search for Pepperfry or Indiacircus and look for specific decorations to be delivered at your doorstep. Not looking for anything fancy? Amazon and eBay tend to have pretty cool party poppers, streamers, balloons, banners and posters for parties. With the current sale season starting, you can get some pretty good deals. Don’t want to get into the hassle of taping and cutting? Then look for a mini disco ball or an LED rotating light or a mini strobe light and attach it on the wall. Usually these lights come with just an adhesive so you just have to stick it on and switch it on. Else go all mysterious and pretty with fairy lights strewn all over with a big lump in a corner.

Crokery and Cutlery

Crokery and Cutlery @TheRoyaleIndia

You can request the restaurant (from where you have ordered food) to send plates and cutlery. Usually these are bland with no fun in them. Again the party stores help you with LED shot glasses, plastic wine/ stem glasses (which look pretty good), theme specific plates and cutlery.


Usually to break away from the normal house party, people look for themes. With Holi fast approaching have a party based on colours and bhang and be all psychedelic or if you are lucky enough to have a terrace or a garden do a BBQ night if the weather permits it, that is. Theme specific decor, cutlery and crockery are usually available online. Have people stick to a colour but don’t make it complicated as like you, even they don’t want to put in too much effort.

Games and Entertainment

Games for House Parties @TheRoyaleIndia

There are times when people do not know each other at a house party. There is only so much you can talk about the weather or the awesome music or the amazing host. But once there is a lull in the conversation, you might as well whip out your phone and play games. If you remember Taboo and Pictionary, then there are apps which have brought these games back virtually. Just Say It and Party Doodles are the 21st Century version of the popular board games. Else just play the ol’ Spin the Bottle. Sure you can use a regular bottle, but why not download the app on your phone for a virtual one? It is definitely cooler. But make sure these apps have been downloaded beforehand because if you try to download it during the party, chances are Murphy’s Law will take over and everything will go wrong.

Voila! Your house party has been delivered to you at your door step and is coming to life just the way you imagined it. If you are still lazy about putting your house in order have a couple of your friends come over (bribe them) and get help to set it up. Please make sure you give your maid a big tip for cleaning the mess from your awesome party the night before. Have some cool sites you swear by to make your house party the talk of the town? Why not share it with us here?

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