Advantages of Lemons in daily life

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Lemons are one of the most common and versatile fruits you can find in your kitchen. Although you love the tangy taste of lemons in recipes; their use is not just limited to cooking. In fact you skin and hair also love it equally. Being rich in citric acid, it can be put to a number of different uses such as a natural disinfectant, a preservative, teeth brightener and so much more.

Read on this article for incredible ways in which you can use lemon:

1. Natural Deodorant

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The citric acid content of lemons kills odour-causing bacteria and keeps you smelling great throughout the day. So, what are waiting for, grab a lemon wedge and start rubbing on your underarm pits.

2. Lighten Hair Colour

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If you desire light coloured hair or want to highlight your hair. Comb it with lemon juice and sit in the sun for about 20 minutes. Voila, highlighted hair without chemicals!

3. Removes Hard Water Stains

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If you have a hard time removing stubborn marks on soap dish or shower head, then simply rub shower fixtures with a fabric soaked in lemon juice and this nature’s very own scrubber will take care of it.

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Even marbles and glasses can be easily cleaned using a mixture of lemon juice with vinegar.

4. Beauty Benefits

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Most of us have had difficult time combating acne during our teens (and for some it’s till they grow enough grey hair). Lemon juice, being a natural astringent helps fight ugly acne and its marks. Apply it twice for ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. As a precaution avoid exposure to sun after applying lemon juice as it tends to make skin more sensitive to sun.

Apart from acne, lemon is also effective for blackheads, fading marks on the skin and closing open skin pores.

5. Medicinal Use of Lemons

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Owing to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of lemons, they are extensively used to relieve sore throat. In case you or your child suffers an insect bite, just apply a few drops of lemon juice on the affected area to relieve the swelling and itching.

6. Lemon as Room Freshener

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If you are expecting special guests and do not have a room freshener? Well you can make one at home, simply take 500ml water in a stockpot and squeeze a lemon into it along with a few drops of vanilla. Let it simmer and it will fill your home with a fresh fragrance. You can also use cloves and cinnamon with lemon for a bit spicy fragrance.

7. Removes Odour

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Keep lemons handy if you want to deodorise your refrigerator and microwave. To freshen up your refrigerator dab lemon juice on a sponge or cotton ball and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours. If while cooking you caked on food, then microwave a bowl of water along with little lemon juice and lemon slices for three minutes. Then wipe off the stains without any efforts.

8. Insect Repellent

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Try mopping the floor with a mixture of lemon juice and water to keep a tab on cockroaches, ants and flies. In fact, what seems to be a nice fragrance for humans is actually pretty offensive for cats. So, if you don’t want a kitty to have a tour of your entire kitchen just spray the doorway and windows with lemon juice.

9. Remove Stains from Fabrics and Shoes

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Lemon juice works wonder on toughest of stains when used with vinegar (for grease stains) or salt (spot treatment). If you find it difficult to wash tennis shoes, then simply spray lemon juice on you sneakers and dry them in the sun.

10. Clean Nails

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Yellowish nails are truly undesirable but quiet unavoidable if you hardly leave your nails unpainted. So, if you want to brighten your nails and keep them clean soak them in a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. While lemon juice helps make them bright, olive oil strengthens them.

11. Oral Health

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Lemon juice is known to stop gum bleeding and relieve toothache. Rubbing lemon rind can also brighten your teeth and become your newly discovered secret to natural white teeth.

12. Uses in the Kitchen

lemon freshens lettuce @TheRoyaleIndia

Apart from the usual cooking, lemons can find a number of practical applications in the kitchen. Dark spots on cut vegetables and fruits look so ugly, but you can prevent this by applying a few drops of lemon juice on the cut edges. You can make soggy lettuce fresh and crispy by placing it in a bowl of cold water with juice from half a lemon. Refrigerate it for an hour and then enjoy crispy salads.

With so many applications, if someone hands you a lemon, quickly grab it and you already know how many uses it can be put to.

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