Cinnamon – A spice that heals most common ailments almost magically!

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Guess you must have seen tiny roll of wood or tiny chip of wood in your spice rack in the kitchen or in one of the dishes especially pulaos, biryanis and vegetable curries. Well, it is a bark of the cinnamon tree, popularly called as dalchini or darchini in regional languages. In fact, I love to nibble on it whenever I am cooking in the kitchen as it is a wonderful mouth freshener, too.

An aromatic spice, cinnamon is a powerful home remedy for many health related issues such as

Lose weight

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Coumarin present in the cinnamon can thin your blood and increase blood circulation which in turn boosts your body’s metabolism leading to weight loss. Similarly, it works as an anti-clotting agent and can be had by those suffering from heart diseases.


Cinnamon Tea

cinnamon tea @TheRoyaleIndia

Infuse half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of boiling water and leave it covered for 30 minutes. Once cooled, add a tablespoon of honey and stir well. Drink half the quantity of cinnamon tea 30 minutes before bedtime. Consume the other half first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. (It can be stored overnight in the refrigerator)

Not recommended for those already taking blood thinning medicines.

Relief from toothache

toothache and cinnamon honey paste @TheRoyaleIndia

Suffering from toothache and don’t have you regular pain killer handy? Make use of the cinnamon bark/powder in your kitchen. Here’s how you go about it –


Make a paste of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 4 – 5 tablespoons of honey and apply it over your painful tooth or gum area. Store the leftover and reuse it again if the pain persists. You could even chew a small cinnamon stick or rub its powder over the painful region.

No wonder toothpaste, chewing gums, mints and mouthwashes are infused with cinnamon oil!!

Reduction of acne

Cinnamon cure for acne @TheRoyaleIndia

Unbelievable but true, cinnamon can be used to cure acne as it full of anti oxidant and anti microbial properties which cleanse your skin from within.


cinnamon and lemon @TheRoyaleIndia

Mix cinnamon powder and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply it directly on the acne affected area. Leave it for a minute and rinse.

Similarly, you can make a paste of cinnamon powder and milk, and apply it on the acne. Let it dry out for just 5 – 10 minutes and then wash it off.

Relief from respiratory infections:

Respiratory infection and cinnamon drink @TheRoyaleIndia

Though rest is important when suffering from respiratory infection, trying out this home remedy could sooth your throat and chest gently.


Add a one or two teaspoons of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot green tea or cider vinegar. If you are having green tea, a few drops of lemon juice and a few mint leaves would also help. Also, you could try having a 1/4th teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 1 tablespoon of honey twice a day to feel better.

How is cinnamon available

You can buy whole cinnamon (small pieces of bark of the cinnamon tree) or in powder form. Preferably, go for organic cinnamon which has it vital nutrients intact. When buying cinnamon, look out for compact and blemish free cinnamon.

Remember – Whole cinnamon release more aroma than their grounded form

You can try cinnamon powder which is also available in the market provided you trust the source. In case you wish to grind it at home, you need to first roast it and then grind it in the blender or use a mortar and pestle.

Cooking with cinnamon

Cinnamon is used to provide an aromatic flavour to desserts such as cakes, puddings, cookies, fruit desserts. It is also used to make garam masala, tea masala and other regional special masalas. In countries such as Mexico, cinnamon is added to tea as well.

In fact, most dieticians recommend its consumption on a daily basis as it helps to curb appetite and regulate blood sugar.

It’s time you include cinnamon in your daily meals and stay healthy.

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