Add a dash of oregano – Opt for the healthier pizza

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Fed up of hearing the same old health advice – ‘Stay away from junk food…pizzas, burgers etc!!”? Well, no more, we give you a solid argument to counteract – Add an extra dash of oregano and make your pizza a much healthier option.

Studies have revealed that garnishing your pizza with oregano which is supposed to boost your immunity and prevents you from falling ill. Oregano is said to contain carvacrol which can prevent viral infection caused by norovirus. Other herbs which could be used include garlic, rosemary, basil and thyme. These herbs are sourced from plants which are dried roots, leaves or stem sections of place and can be taken in minimal amounts to boost health conditions. In fact, you could cut down on using additional salt as these herbs and their concoctions greatly enhance the flavor of your dish.

Indian cuisine involves use of many herbs and spices which not only enhance the flavor of the dish but also assist in boosting our immunity through their regular intake. Ajwain is the hindi name of oregano and is found in almost every Indian kitchen. Known to be effectively tackle respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders and minimizing risk of heart disease, oregano is frequently used across the country.

Turmeric known to boost immunity is used daily in Indian cuisine. Cummin seeds aka ‘jeera’ are used for antiseptic purposes, strengthening the digestive system and even keeping common colds and flu at bay. Coriander seeds also called as ‘dhania’ are used to tackle indigestion, migraines, skin conditions, kidney disorders and nausea to state some of its remedial uses.

(Ref – study courtesy – Researchers at the University of Arizona, an article published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology,)

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