Accessories for the Bride on her Wedding Day from a Bride’s Mouth

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Being a bride to be, I know how accessories make or break your wedding outfit. It’s a very crucial part and the complete bridal look is not justified without the accessories.

Let me run you guys through what all accessories I have selected for my D Day:

Heavy necklace @TheRoyaleIndia

1. Heavy Necklace (Also known as Rani Haar): Its generally one big necklace that falls at the center of your outfit and gives that royal touch. Remember Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar. Not that all brides need to wear such a heavy neck piece, but yes something heavy coz its your own wedding and not someone’s else wedding in which you are a guest. You have to look like a bride!

Small choker necklace @TheRoyaleIndia

2. Smaller Choker Necklace: The second would be a smaller and closer to your neck choker neck piece. It’s generally polka (uncut diamonds) or kundan (glass polki) and/or pearl combination with gem stones that look amazing on the bride. But depends on what kind of bride you are too, a south Indian bride is adorned with gold and the special South Indian temple jewellery that gives the Kanjeevaram the bridal look.

Earrings @TheRoyaleIndia

3. Earrings: Of course the matching earrings to the necklace. Go for lighter ones if you cannot hold the weight of those heavy ones for the long wedding hours. Checking out the Bluestone Earrings Offers is absolutely worth your time and effort to find out the best traditional and not-so-traditional earrings for a chic bridal look.

Tip: Stick double tape behind your ear lobe to prevent the heavy earrings from folding your ears or pulling the ear lobes down.

Mang Tikka and matha patti @TheRoyaleIndia

4. Maang Tikka and Matha Patti: Usually they both come together as a set. You can go for a single line matha pathi or a double line one with some space in between. It adorns the head beautifully. If you heavy a bigger head or forehead, I would suggest going for the double line one.

Nose ring nath @TheRoyaleIndia

5. Nose ring/Nath: I know this can be a little irritating for some of us, including me, who do not have their nose pierced especially. Coz it hurts! You can go for a small, medium or bigger one depending on the size of your face and what suits you best. I like the smaller one.

Haath panjas and ring @TheRoyaleIndia

6. Haath Panjas and Ring: Again this comes as a set, where the ring is worn and is attached to the bracelet. This looks beautiful in meenakari/jadau design on kundan and gem stones.

Anklet payal @TheRoyaleIndia

7. Anklet/Payal/Leg Thong: So anklets or payals are our age old tradition. Usually our moms used to wear those silver payals, but currently we get so many beautiful designs that one is spoilt for choice. I have seen some amazing kundan ones. But this time around, I have got leg thongs for me which are quite IN these days. These are exactly like haath panjas with a small thread worn on toe ring and attached behind on the ankle with a Velcro/hook. It adorns the entire foot and looks beautiful with the mehendi.

Chooda bangles @TheRoyaleIndia

8. Bangles/ Chooda: Again something very very important. If you are a Punjabi, you know how important a chooda is. We do not wear a chooda but a normal set of bangles with one white chooda bangle that represents mama’s (Mom’s brother) side.

Challa waist key chain @TheRoyaleIndia

9. Challa/Waist Key Chain: We call it a jooda that goes on your waist. Its not a normal key chain obviously, but the one with gold detailing and latkans.

I am wearing so many things, imagine the weight of jewellery on me along with the two sarees 😀

Some other things that can be worn as a bride are baju band/armlet, kamar patta/waist belt, jhumar/passa (usually worn by Muslim brides), toe rings (worn by Maharashtrian/Gujurati brides),kalire (worn by Punjabi brides),etc

I think the list goes long, these are the ones I remember and few are definitely important and required. You can skip a few depending on the importance and your comfort level.

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