Accentuate Home Spaces With Corner Tables and Study Tables Under 10K

January 25, 2015 Accentuate Home Spaces With Corner Tables and Study Tables Under 10K @TheRoyaleIndia 934 0 0

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A well-designed and full furnished house is not just a symbol of peace, comfort and luxury, but it also speaks of a great taste. With changing lifestyle choices and the need for people to accentuate their homes by additional touches of luxury in terms of furniture and home décor, it has become a necessity to be able to choose just the right kind of furniture for one’s home. Everyone has different ideas and different tastes; the trick is to know how to accentuate empty spaces, open areas or those lonely hallways and passages to give a natural life to one’s home.

Side Tables @TheRoyaleIndia

Corner tables are great examples of how one can accentuate their living spaces and rooms. A well-designed end table and a well-placed corner table will add a touch of cozy luxury and warmth to one’s home. Corner tables can be of a number of designs and styles. Glass, wood, acrylic, metal, the choices are endless.

Pepperfry offers customers a wide range of styles, patterns and designs and we present you some of the best ones which are prices under 10K. This is surely an amazing deal you shouldn’t be missing out! Here we go >>

Clutter-free metallic corner tables:

Clutter-free Metallic Corner Tables @TheRoyaleIndia

The clean and crisp lines and sturdy contemporary designs will be perfect for those who prefer a minimalistic design and want a clutter-free, yet bold and vibrant piece of furniture. For instance, a glass-topped contemporary metallic corner table might be the perfect choice for those who like clear, straight-forward designs that bode well with their simple home décor. Similar but unlike in basics, modernistic corner tables are well-suited for homemakers who prefer cutting excess decoration and want a practical, almost negligible design. Here’s a Pindia Fancy Side Corner Multi Rack made up of Sheesham Wood. Pepperfry offers it you at just Rs. 3,069!

Ethnic designer colonial style corner tables

Colonial Tables @TheRoyaleIndia

Modern styled tables often display a mix of different designs and elements; glass with wood, wood with metal, metal with glass, glass with stones, etc. For those who prefer a more old-fashioned approach and like designs hailing from the yesteryears, colonial influenced corner tables are perfect. With their elegant curves, spindles, dips and motifs, colonial architectural tables will add a touch of asperity and timeless beauty wherever they are placed. This one by Pepperfry has the perfect ancient ethnic style design and is made up of real wood, get it for just Rs. 3,199

Modern style corner tables:

Modern Corners @TheRoyaleIndia

Every household has a different interior décor, some people might prefer a bit of uniqueness to bring a touch of glamour to their homes. Eclectic furniture calls for a matching eclectic style corner table; with hard to find, unusual designs categorized by their love for the quirky. Bold colors or bright patterns, bits and baubles, these tables are perfect for the fun-loving kind of homeowners. In fact, at Pepperfry, one can even find designs made by recycling old furniture, or designs created by using a mix of famous designs as well.

Study Tables

Study tables are also an integral part of every home, especially essential for students or people who work from home, writers, artists, or anybody who needs a workspace. Workholics who spend a majority of their time at their workspace often seek a similar place to work and relax at home.

Study Table @TheRoyaleIndia

A sturdy, well-designed study table that blends with the surroundings of one’s home is an added advantage to have. A well-placed working table can create a lot of difference in an educational and work atmosphere, and also goes a long way in strengthening concentration for students, researchers, and so on.

They must also be comfortable and make one feel at ease while working or studying. While you have a wide range variety in study tables, multi-facility ones as well as the tiny handy ones, it becomes a task to choose amongst the best. Also, as this home décor furniture is available at affordable prices, customers are always more than willing to invest in them!

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