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Love is all around and is available 365 days a year! If you are newly married or have been married for years or if you are in THE relationship, then taking time out for your significant other shouldn’t be too hard. I am not talking about emptying your bank for a weeklong trip to the French Riviera. In this busy life, no boss will give you that much leave, unless there is a wedding to attend. No, I am talking about taking a weekend off. (You can include a Friday if you are lucky). This is to recreate the spark or to soak in the amazing new chemistry, depending on where you are in the relationship.

Well, what are you harried couples waiting for? Hand over your kids to your single friends (if you have them. Kids I mean. Singles are in abundance) and take off far far away from the city. Here are some tips to help you plan a getaway-

Tip #1 for the homebody

homebody @TheRoyaleIndia

In case you are live in an amazing house that overlooks a valley/ water body/ orchard/ mountains/ clouds, then you can just switch off your doorbell, lock your house and snuggle.

Tip #2

romantic evening @TheRoyaleIndia

Forget quickies, I am talking about hour long bubble baths, sexy lingerie, strawberries dipped in chocolate, naughty couple games and the works. But for you to enjoy the next weekend both of you are free, you will have to start planning yesterday! Do not panic. We have a solution for you.

Tip #3 for the workaholics

keep calm @TheRoyaleIndia

If both of you are professionals then you need to assess how much work you will have in the week preceding the (much awaited) weekend. Now instead of wasting your time trying to complete your work, cancel all meetings and push back your deadlines citing technical issues as excuses. Now with the mundane work out of the way, you need to plan (of course if you are the man, then with your significant other’s consent. If you are the woman then you take charge) the entire weekend.

Tip #4 for travellers

romantic weekend getaway @TheRoyaleIndia

Pack your bags and run away from the city to a place where there is absolutely no signal but at least a phone is available for emergencies. You don’t want to act out a bad B-grade-a-couple-whilst-on-a-romantic-holiday-with-no-signal-gets-killed-by-a-serial-killer-whom-no-one-has-caught-till-now-and-weren’t-even-aware-of-his/her-existence movie, right? Wherever you choose to be, just apply the no-gadgets policy in the bedroom, play naughty games with absolutely no inhibitions (c’mon, you cannot have inhibitions when you are with your significant other) and dive into your fantasy – could be anything, we do not judge.

Our top suggestion- www.thatspersonal.com

bathbomb @TheRoyaleIndia

Now to make the experience as memorable as possible, you will need to call for a few things. Believe us; you will not have most of them. If you have access to a bathtub, then you can order the bath bomb from ThatsPersonal. This cute little bomb when dropped in water automatically diffuses, softening your skin and arousing your senses. It creates a lot of bubbles but the best part is to look for three waterproof tags which the bomb leaves behind once it diffuses. Each card depicts a position you to conduct your erotic adventures which in turn enhances the pleasure. Kinky!

In case both of you have spoken about fantasies but have not got the time (we understand) or the courage (happens the first time) then this is the right time to act them out. Thatspersonal.com has gifting ideas for first-time users as well as you advanced lot. They also have role play costumes including offers on lingerie too.

What you should remember when shopping here:

  • Picking up the package- If you are worried about getting the stuff delivered home because your maid or your kids or your friends could ‘accidentally’ open the parcel(s) then thatspersonal.com has an option of self-pickup for prepaid orders.

  • Discreet packaging- If you do not have the time to go and collect it, then you can call for it at home. If you think what the baajuwaali aunty will say because she is forever peering through the peephole then don’t worry as they have solved this dilemma as well by the way of ‘discreet packaging’.

  • Discounts- Multiple discount coupons of ThatsPersonal are available that will make the purchase light on your pocket.

Take the weekend as a fresh start and rekindle the spark which probably fizzled out months back. Write to us or tweet us @theroyaleindia to tell us what your plans are for the weekend you have chosen. Some of you must have got it all planned, some of you may be getting hitched and some of you are reading this a little disdainfully, but always remember, the love bug gets us all eventually.

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