Rise Up – A Self Help Guide To Overcome Depression

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Sumita Chakraborty finds out more about depression and how it can be cured.

Bollywood’s most beautiful and successful heroine Deepika Padukone once candidly confessed that though she was on the top of the world  –  her films were super hits, she was top of the best-dressed list  on all the voting sites and glamour magazines, she was, in fact, the most sought after heroine in Tinsel Town – yet she felt a deep vacuum within. This feeling of emptiness engulfed her completely until a few months; she sank deeply into depression. This happened two to three years ago. She reached a point when she realised that she couldn’t handle that feeling of emptiness alone. She would start crying for no reason or sit down in one place in utter glum. But thankfully, she realised that she had a problem in her hands and immediately got help. With proper medication and counselling, Deepika was again back to ruling the roost. Today, she’s fine as you can see her bagging so many trophies and topline films in India and abroad.

Affecting The World

Depression is a global ailment, and more than half of the world’s population is plagued with this. The problem lies because of our lifestyle – because of the fast paced urban lifestyle that races towards goals and material happiness – leaving no time or scope for personal happiness. Unfortunately, when trapped in a scary fast paced rat race scurrying through the intricate maze of life, the mind gets messed up and depression sets in.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a severe or chronic feeling of despondency or rejection. It’s like you feel you’re at the end of a tunnel and there’s no way out.  You feel alone, unhappy and a failure even though in real life you’re a success. This feeling if not treated early can lead to many adverse problems and in severely adverse cases, it can even lead to a depressed soul taking his or her life. But wait, depression is just an ailment, and like all ailments, it can be cured.

Symptoms Of Depression

Have you ever felt utterly alone   in a crowd? Everybody has! But when this feeling of being alone becomes acute that’s when depression comes in. The symptoms range from:

  • Continuously wallowing in sorrow.  Crying for hours for no reason.
  • Sitting and staring at space for a long time without any reason with a
  • Frequent feeling of anxiousness. Getting constant anxiety pangs  which cause you to sweat, give you heart murmurs, make you stammer and not think straight.
  • Started to withdraw from social activities?   Avoiding things that you enjoyed a lot previously.
  • Felt like cutting yourself off from friends and family.

Help Is At Hands

Depression is curable. But the best thing for you is to recognise the symptoms and reach out for help.

  •  Going to a professional: 
therapy @TheRoyaleIndia

You can combat depression by going to a psychiatrist. There is no shame getting medical help for depression. Just like you go to a doctor when you feel ill concerning your body, your mind too needs help. With proper    medication, you can be easily cured. A superstar like Deepika Padukone reached out for help, and she’s now absolutely hale and hearty and zipping through Holl ywood with Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. So if you really feel you can’t handle the feeling of depression on your own, reach out to a specialist. They have been trained to help you. And it’s no taboo reaching out for help.

  • Counselling:
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if you’re feeling too low, go ahead, speak about it to someone you trust – it could be your mum, dad, best friend, teacher or a professional counsellor. When you speak about your problems, you feel lighter and the nature of your woes doesn’t seem that huge then.

  • Get Yourself Fit:
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Health and fitness is also related. Get healthy by setting a fitness regime. Exercise. Go cycling, jogging or to the gym, get the heart pumping and endomorphin glands juicing up.  All the physical exercise will get the blood circulation flowing and you’ll feel a feeling of joy. When you sweat it all out, you feel lighter and find your tensions flowing away with the perspiration.

  • Yoga:
yoga @TheRoyaleIndia

Is wonderful for depression. There are unique asana that are great for the mind and body.  Our great Indian heritage has left us several natural cures for ailments – yoga is one of them.

  • Sports:
sports @TheRoyaleIndia

Go swimming, play badminton or take up a sport. It will get rid of your depression and make you feel that your high mountain of problems are molehill.

  • Laughing Club :
laughing club @TheRoyaleIndia

Join a laughing club and laugh your problems away. This may seem funny but laughing your heart out can reduce depression.

  • Meditate:
Young female meditate in nature @TheRoyaleIndia

Just focus on chanting or saying om, prayers or anything you are comfortable with. This makes you stronger inside and helps you sort out your nerves.

  • Get a pet:
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They say that nothing works better than a pet when you’re feeling depressed. Just playing with your frisky  darling can make you feel on top of the world and also keep problems at bay.

… Depression is curable and common. If identified in time and with proper help, it can be fully cured.

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